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WEP CHALLENGE, APRIL 21-23, 2021, LAWD,LAWD, BY Pat Garcia

LAWD, LAWD by Pat Garcia _ Looked to the east, Spring revolution, Freedom cries Bodies lay in the streets. LAWD, LAWD,  Freedom’s mourning. _ Turned to my left, And went further north. People marched, Demanding equality. Bombs dropped, Chemicals filled the air, Agitation, pain, suffocation, Bodies drop dead while moving, Breath’s gone LAWD, LAWD, Freedom’s …

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    Christmas, The tingling of Jingle Bells heard on the streets, Hurried, stressed, shopping, Goose, turkey, deer, lamb or fish on the table, That bring indigestion, Overeating that deadens the guilty pull of our consciences, Blinding us to the fact that over half the world is starving. We get up from our tables, With …

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A Somewhat Other Mother’s Day by Pat Garcia

Two Thousand One, War on Planet Earth began, Step by step, Country by country, From east to west, And north to south, Culture fighting culture, Tradition struggling tradition, Religion prodding religion, Race killing race, Nationality prevaricating nationality, Men predating women, Power strangling, Dictators glorified, Women pained, Children borne, Bombs blasted in the air, People died. …

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