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WEP’S OCTOBER CHALLENGE, THE SCREAM, OCTOBER 20-22, 2021, STOP SIGNS IGNORED, A POEM, BY Pat Garcia, @pat_garcia @DeniseCCovey @YolandaRenee @LGKeltner

Tagline: Ignoring stop signs can be deadly. STOP SIGNS IGNORED It was her life the daughter screamed, and she gazed in disdain at her mother. The older woman stood amazed at the sixteen-year-old and the reflection of hatred coming from her eyes. She watched as her daughter ran into the darkness.  On a bitterly cold …

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WEP CHALLENGE, AUGUST 18-20, 2021, FREEDOM’S CALLING, CREATIVE NON-FICTION By Pat Garcia, @pat_garcia, #WEP, #amwriting, #writingchallenge

Freedom’s Calling  Was there no mercy for a child of nine years who, unlike others, was brought up in a home that had spoken a different language than English? Black skin, nappy hair that a fine-tooth comb couldn’t even go through, the child’s place was to listen and obey, but what if she didn’t understand? …

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WEP CHALLENGE, APRIL 21-23, 2021, LAWD,LAWD, BY Pat Garcia

LAWD, LAWD by Pat Garcia _ Looked to the east, Spring revolution, Freedom cries Bodies lay in the streets. LAWD, LAWD,  Freedom’s mourning. _ Turned to my left, And went further north. People marched, Demanding equality. Bombs dropped, Chemicals filled the air, Agitation, pain, suffocation, Bodies drop dead while moving, Breath’s gone LAWD, LAWD, Freedom’s …

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