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WEP CHALLENGE, AUGUST 18-20, 2021, FREEDOM’S CALLING, CREATIVE NON-FICTION By Pat Garcia, @pat_garcia, #WEP, #amwriting, #writingchallenge

Freedom’s Calling 

Was there no mercy for a child of nine years who, unlike others, was brought up in a home that had spoken a different language than English? Black skin, nappy hair that a fine-tooth comb couldn’t even go through, the child’s place was to listen and obey, but what if she didn’t understand?

Born in 1797 in upstate New York, if she had known the torment she would endure at nine years of age after being separated from her family, she probably would have cursed the day she was born and died. 

Purchased by a family who spoke no Dutch, the girl spoke no English. Her owners, infuriated at her lack of English, beat the language into her with rods and leather. She was not a person for them but an unruly, disobedient piece of property that did not understand and therefore could not follow orders. She became an It.

For It, lashings became a way of life; the beatings hurt and left intolerable bruises. But It found freedom in the God her masters sang about. Later, whenever they beat her, she would pray aloud, hoping the God she had come to believe in would rescue her from the torture. He did.

Sold to a tavern owner, she went to live in a bar and house of prostitution. The beatings stopped. Here, she saw the cruelties against women and the ruthlessness of men. She discovered her voice, and it dawned on her that she was not an It but a woman, a human being. 

Unfortunately, her owner sold her. Her respite in the bar only lasted one and a half years. The pause gave her time to refuel and strengthen herself for the unknown brutality that awaited her in the future. Being denied the right to marry the father of her firstborn child because a neighboring plantation owner owned him and opposed the marriage, due to the fact the newborn would not be his property, she had to marry a slave owned by her new master, an older man who impregnated her four times.

On July 4, 1827, the state of New York issued its own Emancipation Proclamation and freed all slaves, but the woman who had endured so many hardships, and maintained her toughness, and her faith in the good of humanity was already free and had already started seeking to find her thirteen children––the children she had borne that were taken away and sold into slavery.

During the Great Spiritual Awakening, she had a life-changing experience, which would change the way she lived and changed her name.  This woman became a friend of the progressive Quakers; she spoke out for the Civil War, recruited black men to fight for the Union, worked in government refugee camps for freed slaves, and spoke out for women’s rights.

She made her most famous speech in 1851 at the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention, held in Akron, Ohio. Let’s hear the address from the woman herself: 


Ain’t I a woman

“Well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter. I think that ‘twixt the negroes of the South and the women at the North, all talking about rights, the white men will be in a fix pretty soon. But what’s all this here talking about?

That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain’t I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?

Then they talk about this thing in the head; what’s this they call it? [member of audience whispers, “intellect”] That’s it, honey. What’s that got to do with women’s rights or negroes’ rights? If my cup won’t hold but a pint, and yours holds a quart, wouldn’t you be mean not to let me have my little half measure full?

Then that little man in black there, he says women can’t have as much rights as men, ’cause Christ wasn’t a woman! Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.

If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back , and get it right side up again! And now they is asking to do it, the men better let them.

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old Sojourner ain’t got nothing more to say.” 


Three days after Thanksgiving, on November 26, 1883, on a wintry, cold day in Michigan, this woman completed her mission at eighty-six years of age. She took flight. Isabella Baumfree, better known as Sojourner Truth, born and raised in slavery, died a free woman and Walked On!

Wishing all of you a lovely month. I hope to see you in October. 

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia


There are so many benefits to attending Writers’ conferences. They offer writers the opportunity to get to know and relate to others, and the RRBC’s 6th Annual Writers’  Conference & Book Expo, is no exception. Here you will meet new people, greet old friends, and get acquainted with the latest works by authors you know and love to read.  

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Of course, we’ll have our READING ROOM open, and one of our members is going to blow you away showcasing their talent!  

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This year for the first time ever, we’ve added our BEST BOOK COVER CONTEST!  This contest is open to the general public, so go ahead and enter your book cover(s) now!  Share your comments with us, and let us know which one you think is best!

Click for a full ITINERARY OF EVENTS!  

Don’t forget the venue opens at 5 PM( CST) TODAY.  We hope to see you there!  In the event of minor time delays, please check the sidebar of the RRBC website for updates.

As they say in the Deep South, I’ll see y’all there!

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

Thank You WEP TEAM FOR THE GREAT WAVE TEAM CHOICE AWARD @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @OlgaGodim @LGKeltner Nilanjana Bose, #WEP

Sometimes life is not fair; it is messy. You enter a transition phase that throws you into outer darkness. 

At these moments in my life, the God I believe in dapples my way with splinters of light. These splinters are tiny pieces of hope and come primarily from two organizations where my writing is showcase or self-publish.  One of these groups of authors is simply called The WEP (Write, Edit, and Publish).

I have been writing for them for almost eight years.  They have seen me crawl through the quagmire of my mind to find the essence of my writing voice, and this entire community of writers strengthens my hope when I need it. 

So today, I say thank you for the GREAT WAVE TEAM CHOICE AWARD, an award that I will cherish. The price of becoming an author is never easy, but it is times like these that make it well worth it. 

Here is the link to the  Great Wave Winners’ Page and the announcement of the award given to me. 


It is also worth taking the time to read some of these authors. They are a fabulous group of writers. The links to all the stories are posted here below. 

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia


1. Denise Covey  15. Pat Garcia  
2. Nilanjana Bose  16. L.G. Keltner  
3. Yolanda Renee  17. Olga Godim  
4. Carol Stolz  18. N. R. Williams  
5. Sanhita Mukherjee  19. Lenny Lee  
6. Kalpana  20. Roland R Clarke  
7. Rebecca Douglass  21. Steph Wolmarans  
8. Jemima Pett  22. Dixie Jo Jarchow  
9. Hilary  23. Sonia Dogra  
10. Sally Stackhouse  24. Charlotte (MotherOwl)  
11. Michael Di Gesu  25. SUSAN B. ROUCHARD  
12. Jemi Fraser  26. Anne E.G. Nydam  
13. C J Austin  27. Pennie Nichols  
14. Naughty Netherworld Press  28. Jackie Begue  

WEP’S June Challenge, The Flood No One Thought Would Come, A Creative Non-Fiction Story by Pat Garcia

The man worked hard. He and his three sons hammered and pitched each wooden plank together. Sure, people thought he was crazy, but that didn’t disturb him. He closed his ears to what others said. If he were honest, and he was,  he didn’t give a hoot. He hadn’t made it so far in life by seeking the approval of others.

 The other day his sons had informed him that the neighbors thought he was insane. He had laughed and told his sons to get to work before he fired them. After all, he was not only their father but their employer. No one would give them the amount of money for the kind of work they did for him.  They had no choice.

The father gazed down at the oldest son, looking up at the sun,  and the old man thought about the discussion they had had the night before.  His sons thought he was a daydreamer and had invited a lawyer to his house without his permission. Their excuse for not telling him had him laughing. They wanted to rattle his brain. 

After talking with him, the lawyer said that declaring their father as insane wouldn’t work. Besides, the majority of the judges knew him too well as that no-nonsense man that spoke what he thought.   

 The sons’  wives were outraged, shouting they had become the laughing stock of the whole town, maybe the whole world. They were sick and tired of people pointing fingers at them. So, what,  the old man said when they had tried to explain what it meant to them not to be among the popular crowd they considered their friends. Come to my house for tea, my wife would enjoy your company, he’d answered back.


The temperature had risen to forty degrees Celsius. The oldest son went to get a water bottle. As he passed his brothers,  their accusatory looks felt like knives in his back. He had promised that he would speak with their father alone, once more.

He grabbed a bottle of water and went in the direction of his father. His father had turned to sit, his head hung down in his bosom. Oh my, the oldest son thought. The old man has died from the heat.  He almost screamed help, but his father moved his head with a strange gaze and looked upward into the sun. 

“Were you taking a little nap, father?” He asked. 

“No, I was listening. I got further instructions,” the old man said. 

The oldest son shook his head. “Father, there is no God who talks to people. You’re making us think you’re crazy.”

“No, I’m not crazy, my son,” said the old man. “You are.”

“So, what did he tell you this time?” The eldest son asked sarcastically. 

“The animals will come on the boat tomorrow.  He’ll bring them here. We have to put the feed and everything else in the ship tonight. “

“Father, I want you to stop this foolishness right now,” the oldest son screamed.

The old man stood. “You and your brothers get to work. We have a lot to do before the animals come and get your wives prepared to leave, and don’t forget to bring the food rations I told you to gather.”

By the afternoon of the following day, the boat was ready to be filled. Suddenly noises from the forest neared. The animals were there, and they stood in pairs and walked peacefully into the ship. Some went on the first level, others to the second level, and the birds flew up to the third level. 

“Come, Woman,” said the old man to his wife. 

The three sons gazed at their wives and shrugged. The middle son said, “Let’s pacify him. He’ll never believe the foolishness he’s put us all through until we go into the boat and sit with him for an hour or two. . “In fact, if we do that,” the son rationed,  “it’ll be easy to get him qualified as incompetent and incapable of conducting his own affairs.” He chuckled. “This ark is our proof.”

 All three brothers and their wives followed the old man and his wife into the ark. 

As soon as they were inside this big belly of an ark, they heard the mighty roar of  wind; a loud bang shut the door. Locked inside, with shock on their faces, they turned to look at their father. 

“How did you do that? Open that door right now!” the oldest son yelled.

“I didn’t do anything. If you want to open the door, do it yourself. I’m going up on the third deck to have my dinner with my wife.” 

As their father took to the stairs, the pitter-patter sounds of rain hit against the ship’s broad side. 

“What’s that noise?” Asked the youngest son. 

His father stopped midway and turned. “That’s the rain, my son, that you all thought wouldn’t come.

 The old man, Noah, stayed in the ark for three hundred and sixty-four days, and the greatest flood that ever was and ever will be swept across the face of the earth.


Thank you for reading. Have a lovely June/July. I’ll see you in August.

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia

WEP CHALLENGE, APRIL 21-23, 2021, LAWD,LAWD, BY Pat Garcia

LAWD, LAWD by Pat Garcia


Looked to the east,

Spring revolution,

Freedom cries

Bodies lay in the streets.


Freedom’s mourning.


Turned to my left,

And went further north.

People marched,

Demanding equality.

Bombs dropped,

Chemicals filled the air,

Agitation, pain, suffocation,

Bodies drop dead while moving,

Breath’s gone


Freedom’s mourning.


Took flight and crossed over.

Gazed at the river,

Water, blue. 

River wide, river deep,

Stepped quickly,

Turned aside to my right,

Someone waded the water,

People stood on the bank,

On the other side.

“There she is,” someone shouted.

“I got her,” said the other.

Plopped went the noise.

The shot shattered the peacefulness of the night.

Birds scattered from their nests.

The body kept swimming.

She reached the bank.

Her hand grabbed some weeds,

Blood muddied the water,

And the nappy-headed woman whispered through the dawn of the early morning,


Freedom morning,

Before she sank.


Wishing everyone a lovely day. Take care.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia

Welcome to Day 2 of #RRBC’S ’20 WC&BE SPONSORS BLOG TOUR! @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA @kirazian

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Good morning, Readers,

It’s my pleasure to feature today, author Liza Kirazian. Lisa is a very supportive member of the Rave Reviews Book Club. Please be sure to leave a comment below to ensure that you have a chance at winning a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Appassionato (The Music We Made—Book 2)

Appassionato, Book Two of “The Music We Made” series, continues the passionate story of the next generation of the Driscoll family of musicians as Jenny Driscoll, a composer and conductor, navigates her personal and professional life in London in the 1990’s.

Author’s Bio

Lisa Kirazian writes fiction, plays, screenplays, and also directs for stage and screen. 

Her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Performing Arts Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune and in many other publications. She is in demand as a speaker and has been a guest on KPBS/NPR Public Radio and at various conferences. Lisa is…

View original post 173 more words

Join in the celebration of #RRBCAuthor @sharrislaughter, #RRBC’s November “SPOTLIGHT” Author! #Author of #OurLadyOfVictory

Good Morning Everyone,

Don’t ever say that History cannot be corrected. Where there is a will, there is a way. The second edition of Our Lady Of Victory by Author Shirley Harris Slaughter has been released. It has many new updates on this historic church that will interest many.


This is a second edition with updates on the state of this historic church. In the original publication files were lost then resurfaced with content altered along with missing photos during transition from one publisher to another. Such is the fate of an Independent Author.

This book evolved out of years of frustration at the total disregard and lack of respect for the contributions of Black Catholics in the city of Detroit. The author says, “We are not mentioned in the pages of history along with the other Catholic churches that sprung up during the World War II era, and that needed to be corrected.” The author did fulfill one dream since publication … that this church can now be found on the web even though it has merged with another church. It is now called Presentation-Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

Picture below: Author Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Get your copy today!

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia


Good Morning Everyone,
Today is Day 11 of the RWISA WRITES Showcase Tour. Author Nonnie Jules presents herself by putting her thoughts in poetic prose.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia


Welcome to the 2020 WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour!

Featured Author for Thursday, 11/19/20…

RWISA Author, Nonnie Jules!


We often hear that music is the universal language.  It is the avenue to bridge all divides –

racial divides

gender divides

political divides.    

But, in the midst of all the division,

each party holding court in their respective corners of the ring,

ears lightly tickled by the sound of the simple “IMAGINE” by John Lennon,

wafting through the musky air of tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons –

a mist of standstill calms the noise

…and in mere moments, the eyes of “independent” onlookers are pleasantly greeted by the most beautiful and welcoming sight –

…bodies slowly rocking

…hands collectively raised

…waving side to side

…all in unison  


 “Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try…”

The 2020 US election has…

View original post 542 more words


Good Morning Everyone,
We’re into Day 10 of the RWISA WRITES Showcase Tour. Today’s story features Author Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko. She’s written an engaging tale that you will enjoy.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia


Good Morning Everyone,
Today is Day 9 of the RWISA WRITES Showcase Tour. A new excellently written story greets you, Authored by Wendy J. Scott. Read and enjoy.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia

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