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WEP’S FIRST CHALLENGE OF THE YEAR, GONE WITH THE WIND, FEBRUARY 15-17, 2023, SOON CHILD, SOON By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @WEP @TheIWSG #writingcontest #flashfiction

Warning: Dialect is used in the dialogue. The words are written as the African Americans spoke them in that period of time. They are not misspelled words. Tagline: When Miss Scarlet slap me, it hurt. Sometimes me gets pains in my head. We human beings too. “Mammy, ya ever think Miss Scarlet treat us like …

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THE WEP WINNER FOR THE DECEMBER 2022 WEP CHALLENGE, THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE, WAITING By Pat Garcia @pat_garcia @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @LGKeltner @OlgaGodim @jemifraser #amwriting #writingcontest #flashfiction #wepwinner http://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2022/12/wep-winners-december-2022-first-time.html

Badge created by Olga Godim Hello, Everyone, Many thanks to the WEP Team and all the awesome writers who participate in the Challenge. The WEP has some of the best writers I know, and I am privileged to be among them. Have a safe crossover into 2023. Shalom aleichem Pat Garcia My story is embedded …

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Tagline: He turned to talk to the man on his left side and the full extent of the scar, the zigzagged flesh that marred the terrain of his otherwise sculptured face, had me wondering who could have been so angry as to mark him so brutally. The first time ever I saw his face, I …

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WC: 169 Kate often wondered what lay behind the big red barn. She took a look at the face of her watch. Three in the morning. She had a flat tire and didn’t have any mobile reception. Leaving her car, she walked towards the barn to see if a house was on the other side …

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#WEP August 2022 Challenge Moonlight Sonata #Winner Pat Garcia writes her #guestpost – Writing With WEP — Pat Garcia

Good Morning, Everyone, I have taken the WEP Blog Post from their blog that announced my winning the August WEP and posted it here on my blog because I desire to spread the word about this excellent platform for unpublished or published authors. Below is not only my winner’s post but also the announcement for… #WEP …

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THE WEP’S AUGUST 2022, MOONLIGHT SONATA CHALLENGE, The Power of Touch BY Pat Garcia @pat_garcia, #WEP, #IWSG, Many Thanks To all!

Tagline:  Her glances revealed the short, distinct, presto beats as her fingers moved swiftly across the keyboard. The vibrations of her chest painted her laughter, and the nodding of her head the intensity of her feeling. The Power of Touch How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves. (SS 1:16 NIV …

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WEP CHALLENGE, AUGUST 18-20, 2021, FREEDOM’S CALLING, CREATIVE NON-FICTION By Pat Garcia, @pat_garcia, #WEP, #amwriting, #writingchallenge

Freedom’s Calling  Was there no mercy for a child of nine years who, unlike others, was brought up in a home that had spoken a different language than English? Black skin, nappy hair that a fine-tooth comb couldn’t even go through, the child’s place was to listen and obey, but what if she didn’t understand? …

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WEP’S June Challenge, The Flood No One Thought Would Come, A Creative Non-Fiction Story by Pat Garcia

The man worked hard. He and his three sons hammered and pitched each wooden plank together. Sure, people thought he was crazy, but that didn’t disturb him. He closed his ears to what others said. If he were honest, and he was,  he didn’t give a hoot. He hadn’t made it so far in life by …

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The Seventy-Nine-Words Story Challenge

  Hello Everyone, I don’t know when it happen, but I remember reading the MONDAY FUNNIES, one morning and bursting out with laughter. I was hooked on the funnies. Laughter is not typical for me before eleven a.m. If you ask the people very close to me, they will tell you, Pat is usually unapproachable …

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