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WEP’S AUGUST 2021 CHALLENGE WINNERS, @DeniseCCovey, @yolandarenee, @OlgaGodim, @LGKeltner,@jemifraser, @nilabose, @cleemckenzie, @NickPWilford #amwritingfiction, #IWSG

The WEP Winners have been announced. The competition was stiff as always. I am so thankful to be writing in a challenge where writers (most of us are Authors) pour their hearts out six times a year in each prompt and then help those that participated by critiquing and giving encouragement.  The WEP makes a …

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Shock by Pat Garcia

Shock shook the earth. At first, only tiny tremors, Politicians had ignored them. The media had made fun, Expounding their ignorance. But, the tremors became stronger. — What happened? Where did we go wrong? The ceiling is still in tact. The glass didn’t shatter, People can’t take a splitter as a souvenir, As some did …

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Missing by Pat Garcia

                Some things get lost. Some simply misplaced. Some disappear into thin air, Only to reappear at the yard sale, Where items collected have been brought, And the number of years, Spent in one city, One house, One family, Become a fading nostalgic memory of what used to …

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Viewpoint: Friday, Thirteen November 2015

A Civil War founded upon religious beliefs and how people should live has spread itself to the European Continent. What happened in Paris, France, was a battle, and an act of war carried out by the Islamic State. That we refused to take the declaration of war seriously in 2014 has resulted in the mass, …

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Repression, A Commentary

Any time a country allows people entrance beyond their borders, ideologies clash. Afraid of the new culture surrounding them, the ideologies embedded in the immigrant’s mind make him fear, and his fear turns to disdainfulness. He segregates himself into a group like himself and begins to idolize what he has left behind in his homeland. …

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