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The Champions Who Walked Among Us

WEP’S AUGUST 2021 CHALLENGE WINNERS, @DeniseCCovey, @yolandarenee, @OlgaGodim, @LGKeltner,@jemifraser, @nilabose, @cleemckenzie, @NickPWilford #amwritingfiction, #IWSG

The WEP Winners have been announced. The competition was stiff as always. I am so thankful to be writing in a challenge where writers (most of us are Authors) pour their hearts out six times a year in each prompt and then help those that participated by critiquing and giving encouragement. 

The WEP makes a difference in my life as a writer.  

Thanks, WEP Team, for consistently presenting us with great prompts that bring out the best in us.

The winners are listed below.

Kalpana Misra

Carole Stolz 

Pat Garcia

I have inserted the names of all of the authors with the link to each of their stories below. Those of you who take the time to read them will not regret it. These authors deliver first-class short stories. 

1. Denise Covey  8. Pat Garcia  15. Sally  
2. Yolanda Renee  9. Hilary Melton-Butcher  16. Sanhita Mukherjee  
3. Jemi Fraser  10. SUSAN B. ROUCHARD  17. Kalpana Misra  
4. L.G. Keltner  11. N. R. Williams  18. Carole Stolz  
5. Sonia dogra  12. Olga Godim  19. Roland Clarke  
6. Charlotte (MotherOwl)  13. Nilanjana Bose  20. Jamie  
7. J Lenni Dorner  14. Christopher Scott 

Have a great month of September and continue to be safe.

Shalom aleichem

Pat Garcia


  1. Congratulations, Pat! I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but I have a bad memory. What does WEP stand for?

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    • Thank you, Yvette. WEP stands for Write, Edit, and Publish. This writing challenge was actually started by the founders, Denise Covey and Yolanda Renee some years ago and was named Romance Writers Challenge. Since then the group has been revamp and represent any genre, and the name was changed to WEP. Any writer is welcome to participate. I started eight years ago (I am not sure whether it was eight or seven years ago) and have been writing with them ever since. If you would like to know more about them, please let me know. Have a nice weekend. Shalom aleichem

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      • It sounds like a great way to keep challenging one’s writing. Right now, it would just be a distraction for me because I barely have time to do the writing I want to do. I might look into them in the future, though. Thanks, Pat! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on being a RUNNER-UP!! Your stories are wonderful. Enjoy the day and stay WELL and SAFE!! HUGS!!

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    • Thank you so much Gwynn. I hope you are having a nice weekend. Please be safe. I’m hearing a lot about COVID in the US.
      Shalom aleichem


  3. Congratulations

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