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LOSS – A Tribute by Pat Garcia


In Honor of  Joseph Rubin, +October 11, 2016

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A gnawing pain,

A searing burn,

A deep emotional cut,

Slices and separates.

Leaving a zip zagged scar,

Unable to heal quickly,

A wound which reminds things will never be the same.


The world changed with your departure.

It is our loss.

A voice is missing,

A beloved no longer breathes the same air.

The shouts of hello and laughter by blogging and sharing thoughts are hushed,

Frustration seeps in; tears flow,

The value of the beloved recognized

Through loss.


An ache no salve can squelch.

No balsam can soothe,

It is our loss.

Your departure finds you beyond the Jordan.

No boat can transport us,

No plane can fly us,

No car can drive us,

No train can ride the tracks that lead into Jordan.

There is no rectification.

The loss cannot be wipe away.

For you cannot return.


How fleeting this life, we think we own?

How precious the breath we breathe?

How futile our thinking we master our fate?


Loss disturbs and reconstructs the status quo.

Down, down, deep in our souls,

We come against a sudden change we must learn to accept.


Recognition of the loss tumult within us.

Nothing will ever be the same.

A beloved has taken flight.


Down, down, deep in our souls,

We hear unspoken words of kindness,

Words we forgot to say,

No longer relevant.

Our hurt deepens at the missed opportunities.

We can no longer share them.



A separation has taken place,

The pain grinds, gnaws, sears, and desiccates.



No bandage fits it.

It’s an open wound that festers.

It heals daily by seconds, minutes, hours, days,

Weeks, months, and years.

How many?

No one can say.


In the treasure troves of our hearts.

We know that we know that we know,

Nothing will ever erase your presence.

You are our loss.



A reminder,

We too shall go.

And our flight will be someone’s loss,

When we hear the trumpet call,

To cross over the Jordan.


Rest In Peace, Joe.

Shalom aleichem,Pat Garcia August 13 2016

Pat Garcia




  1. One of the most beautiful tributes I have ever read. May his essence in the universe be forever remembered. RIP

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  2. Oh, Pat, one cannot read this and fail to experience your pain. Thank you for sharing this tribute which speaks to all of us about our shared journey of life. When the pain subsides, it is easier to treasure the fond memories and the many ways in which our lives are enriched by those that we love. Excellent work!

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  3. Pat, what a dear tribute to Joseph. This definitely speaks to the pain of loss. He was such a delightful friend, so intelligent and thoughtful. Joseph will be missed. Your heart is expressive in dealing with its’ pain. I’m sure Joseph’s wife and family will love this. Beautiful!


  4. A beautiful tribute to your friend, Pat. Sending love and prayers for strength, comfort and healing to you and all of Joseph’s family and friends.


  5. ‘The value of the beloved recognized -Through loss’. This is very beautiful and moving Patricia. It is a fitting tribute to Joseph and to your personal sense of loss and to what loss actually is. I so hope that you send this to Marilyn – she will weep more – at this beautiful poem – tears of a cleansing kind –

    I’m aware that today is your birthday – somehow this means something that your poem comes up this day.


  6. Monika Fuhr

    What a lovely poem and tribute! So sad and beautiful at the same time. Thank you for sharing. I love your big heart for people. I will pray for comfort and healing for you and Joseph’s family.


  7. Marilyn R

    Pat, your poem has such depth, it was at first painful to read it. But I am finding that while with my family I am trying to be the strong one, it is in places like here among my father’s online friends, that I am truly able to grieve, with the assurance now from Susan, that these tears are “of the cleansing kind”. Thank-you.


  8. Marilyn R

    Pat, your poem has such depth, that at first it was painful to read it. But I am finding that while with my family I am trying to be the strong one, it is more often in places like here, among my father’s online friends, that I am truly able to grieve, now with Susan’s assurance that these tears are “of a cleansing kind”. Thank-you.


  9. Heartbreaking. But a beautiful tribute, Patti.


  10. sandrafingerut

    I think it was a wonderful tribute. I’m sure he’s able to hear your thoughts.


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