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Hello Everyone,

It feels good to be back. I have not posted anything from myself on my Walk On Blog in ages, and it is about time that I started posting again.Once a month, I will feature women we have forgotten about as I have done in the past on this blog and also share some of my poetry.

Today, a revised version of a poem I released on Esther Newton’s Blog for one of her Weekly Writing Challenges.

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Politics by Pat Garcia

My heart weeps.

Years filled with murder.

Women, children,

Old, young, dying,

My heart weeps.


Freedom, the way to live,

Dictators wanted,

Greed unquieted,

Power boosted,

Suppression of others routine,

And my heart weeps.


The best way, my way,

The right way, only my way,

People seen as dogs, infidels,

Breathing air, their air,

And my heart weeps.


Down through the Ages,

Past and now present,

The spirit of confusion, hatred, and death arises.

Turning men into war mongers,

Nations into furnaces,

Knives kill,

Like arrows diving pointedly into the soul,

Guns shoot,

Bombs explode,

Men, women, children die,

And my heart weeps.


Politics play,

Leaders encouraging each other,

As blood spills and soaks the ground,

The pavement,

The floor,

And my heart weeps.






Democracy, what?


Dictator, ah what?

Strange bedfellows,

Do they understand?


People sent out to kill,

My heart weeps,

Listening has disappeared,

Only the cry of death can be heard,

As the politicians play the games called politics.


I’m calling you Wisdom,

Cause my heart weeps.

No one has ears to hear,

Eyes to see,

Blinded by their own greed, ambition.

They say my way is the best way,

And my heart weeps.


Shall I run,

Shall I stand,

Shall I proclaim how unique; how irreplaceable life really is?

Does no one see,

Does no one hear the wailing,

Of the child

The woman,

The man,

Oh, my heart weeps.


Yes, they sit there,

The politicians

Playing  politics like a game of chess.

The men,

The women in the cabinets of this world,

Chic, but unwise,

Applauding their elite status yet knowing nothing,

And my heart weeps.


The stupidity of politics,

It scrounges, purges, and devours,

As it wipes out resistance,

As it desecrates the human spirit,

And my heart weeps.


Wishing all of you a safe weekend.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia April 4 2016






Pat Garcia









  1. Beautifully written Pat. It reminds me of my poem ‘Can You Hear The Rumbling.”
    It always amazes me how writers have a thread running parallel to each other. The word are different but the impact is so similar.
    I still think the answer is greed, and there is no good reason why it has to be this way.
    Will the human race ever get it right? There is always hope. :o)

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    • Thank you very much, Patricia and I will definitely take a look at your poem. I think it is a wonderful thing when writers sync together on something happening in the world, especially when they are so many miles away as we are.
      Shalom aleichem,


  2. This is beautiful Pat – my heart weeps with you. It is necessary to say all of this – it gives us cause to pause and to look underneath. We know that politics is a dirty game – nobody willingly relinquishes power. What can we do? We can pray and be on the side of right is might …

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    • Thank you my dear friend. You’re so correct. We can pray and be on the side of right is might. Love this sentence by you.
      Shalom aleichem,


  3. I agree with Susan, as your poem is beautiful and my heart weeps with yours. I hate watching the political games. The politicians don’t care who they hurt as they stand in their gilded room. We can only pray that citizens stand together and vote out the bad politicians, and create a positive change.


    • Thank you, Gwynn. Yes, political games are being played. They are a few though that refuse to play them. Thank God for that.
      Shalom aleichem,


  4. Beautifully thought and written, Patricia. The woman nearly always thinks it’s her fault. And, for men and women, even when there’s a genuinely humanitarian speech at a political convention, as we just witnessed here in the U.S., the power-mongers, the greedy, spin it otherwise. It is not easy for most to see through the spin, and to support the truth and further it. Sadly, many don’t want to be bothered to take the time; they’d rather take the easy way out. Yes, we must stand together.



    • Thank you, Samantha. I believe you have touched on a very important issue. Not many want to be bothered or to take the time to think. We choose the easy way out.
      Shalom aleichem,


  5. It’s still as fantastic as it was when I read it the first time, Patti. I’m touched by these powerful words!!


    • Thank you, A.J. my friend. It is good to hear that the words are still as powerful after my revision.
      Shalom aleichem,


  6. Joseph Rubin

    Pat, how painful it is for you to remind us of the horror and cruelty that surrounds all of us today, and historically could continue to trouble us in the future! I sympathize with you carrying this upon your shoulder! The image I have in my mind is the canvass painted by the Spanish artist in 1937, The Guernica, where a gored horse in agony is a prominent feature.
    I wish you peace in your heart!


    • Good Morning Joe,
      I don’t think that I am the only one carrying the concern for mankind. I hope there are others. However, your statement about the Guernica with the gored horse in agony made me do some researching and I can so identify with that picture and its interpretations. Picasso must have felt tremendous pain as he did this work. Only an artist who can feel the pain can bring out such an expression on canvas and only a writer who can deeply love can express the horror at what is happening in our world today.
      Shalom aleichem,


  7. This is one of the most powerful poems that I have read in a long time. I feel each word rather than read it. I cringe from the pain of loss. I cry for the wounded, pray for the young, the innocent. Yet all your words, powerful as they are—will they be enough to stop the madness. I beg God for it to be so.

    Love, Micki


    • Unfortunately, Micki, my words are only the words of one person. We need many who are willing to stand up and be counted. I believe a part of the problem lies in the fact writers and artists have lost their vision for truth. As long as we are choosing party lines and party sides, we are ineffective.
      Thank you, my dear friend, for coming by.
      Shalom aleichem,


  8. I’m a bit late getting to this, but I’m happy to have arrived at a place where a true artist resides. Your poetry is powerful and pulls no punches. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!


    • Thank you, John, and thank you very much for the retweet. You cannot imagine how I felt when I looked at my iPhone and saw that you had ignited a domino effect by retweeting My Heart Weeps. I flipped out of my bed with inexpressible joy. It has made my day.
      All the best.
      Shalom aleichem,


      • I’m following you now, Patricia, and I’m looking forward to more great posts. Wow, I had no idea my RT would have that impact – I saw how it was being retweeted by members. I always add #RRBC when I retweet a member’s blog. That hashtag has power! Happy to put a smile on your face as you did for me yesterday morning when I awoke to your message.


  9. Beautiful, heartbreaking words.


    • Thank you. This poem has been and still is a blessing to me.
      Warm greetings out of Europe.
      Shalom aleichem,


  10. Hi, Pat. I just left a comment on your blog Everything Must Change, and came over here to read this poem. It is truly amazing. Glad it got tweeted so many times. The words needs to get out. Thank God for your amazing talent. Ann (@ annbestlifestories.com)


    • Good Morning Ann,
      Thank you so much for visiting and reading My Heart Weeps. This poem still resonates in me. The situation we are all in throughout the world causes my heart to weep.
      Shalom aleichem,


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