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Viewpoint: Friday, Thirteen November 2015

Image 11-16-15 at 3.43 PMA Civil War founded upon religious beliefs and how people should live has spread itself to the European Continent. What happened in Paris, France, was a battle, and an act of war carried out by the Islamic State. That we refused to take the declaration of war seriously in 2014 has resulted in the mass, willful, killing of innocent people, which took place on Friday, the thirteenth of November.

Religion, which oppresses, is like a dictatorship suppressing the inalienable rights of each individual who lives under its umbrella. Unfortunately, these inalienable rights, known as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are also echoed by these totalitarian societies, but they are interpreted differently, and the cultural upbringing displays a life we people in the West are not accustomed to––freedom and individual development find itself caught on the blind side of life.

Hopefully, revelation has broken through the thick skull of false reality we have let descend upon us, and our eyes have been opened to see that not everyone think as we think, act as we act, and desire to live as we live. If this were true, the Islamic State would not exist.

Unfortunately, this clarity is too late for those people who lost their lives in Paris, France on that dreadful evening.

Viva la France!



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Pat Garcia





  1. Pat, WISE WORDS!! When will the destruction of innocent people stop? Such a sad horrific situation.


    • My Dear Gwynn,
      Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a thought. Yes, it is a sad horrific situation. Friday and Saturday, tears kept coming to my eyes. To think that you go out to enjoy the evening and life is taken away from you. Even though I am participating in NaNo at the moment, I had to write out the words that lay on my heart and express by condolence, by viewpoint and my solidarity with the French people.
      Love you, Lady.

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      • One of the gallery owners here in town is from Israel. Her cousin has a son living in Paris. His brother came from Israel to visit him and they went to the restaurant where one of the bombings took place. The lucky part is that they left the restaurant at 9:30 and the bombing was at 10:00. I am so sad that this trauma takes place in any part of the world. When will people accept one another instead of fighting one another?


  2. Viva la France! Good thoughts, Pat. Prayers. Enjoy your blogging.:)


    • Good Morning Dear Jeanne,
      Thank you. It was a shock. The situation is precarious. I’m participating in NaNo at the moment, but I wanted to express my condolence, my viewpoint, and my solidarity.


  3. What a great post, Patti. I love to view things the way you do. Thanks a lot for sharing these words. Vive la France.


    • My Dear A.J.
      Thank you so much for your visit. I’ve been very busy with NaNo but I could not let what happened on Friday the 13th just pass by without expressing my condolences and my viewpoint.
      Hope you are well.

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  4. Joseph Rubin

    Vive tout le monde, des persons qui pense soulement d’Amour!.
    Long live everybody who thinks only of Love!


    • My Dear Joe,
      how much I wish that humanity discovers Love as the catalyst of life, you’ll never know. But this discovery can only take place when all of us lay down our preconceived prejudices and acknowledge that although our skin color, hair, or body shape may be different, we have the same blood.
      Thank you so much for your contribution.
      Oui, Vive tout le monde, des persons qui pense soulement d’Amouri!
      We are the United Kingdom!
      Nous sommes France!
      Siamo l’Italia!
      Wir sind Deutschland!
      Somos Espana!
      And I wish I could shout these words out in every European Language on this Continent.

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  5. ongoing wars, from time immemorial … always the perverted instinct to have domination in all sorts of ways, over the ‘other’ … Thanks Patti.

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    • My Dear Susan,
      Adequately said. “From time immemorial… the perverted instinct to have domination…”
      For me, it is an innate sinful part of our nature to control.
      Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your thought.

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