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Hello Everyone,

I don’t know when it happen, but I remember reading the MONDAY FUNNIES, one morning and bursting out with laughter. I was hooked on the funnies. Laughter is not typical for me before eleven a.m. If you ask the people very close to me, they will tell you, Pat is usually unapproachable before eleven.

Honestly, as a writer, I find myself experiencing highs and lows.   It’s a writer madness that takes hold and motivates me to write what I see as I write about the world I live in during the early morning hours.

Thus, Chris Graham’s, CHRIS THE STORY READING APE’S BLOG has become a necessity in my life. It touches the humor within me, and laughter comes bubbling out.

Recently, Andrew Joyce, an author, sent out a dare, a seventy-nine-words dare to writers and it has been running on Chris’s blog as the Seventy-Nine-Words Story Challenge. Each week, stories are chosen as the best submitted. This week, one of my stories from The Child and The Prophet (a W.I.P.) was among the ones chosen and to be very honest with you that makes me happy.

To read my story and the stories of the other participants, please go to the link below. It’s only 79 words, and drop a line on Chris’s blog and let him know you were there and me too, of course.




Pat Garcia

Photo on 14-10-15 at 09.35 #5








Pat Garcia


  1. Congratulations to you and the Child for being selected for the 79 Word Bloggers Challenge. The child has some fun adventures. I’m applauding!


    • My Dear Gwynn,
      Thank you so much. The Child and The Prophet is in the process of being put together. By next year, this time, I hope to present it to my agent.

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  2. Joseph Rubin

    Dear Pat,
    I am greeted by an American Bald Eagle photo that says a thousand words. This eagle can be ferocious before 11 in the morning. As a good American, it has the right to exercise its temperament and to “speak up” at any moment!

    I share with you early mornings that can be surprisingly creative. Perhaps some of the creation is done during dream-time and ready to spring out first upon awakening.

    I am happy to be informed about the S-N-W Challenge, and hope to look into this when I can

    I have an ADDICTION to writing book reviews for Amazon.com, and my 9th review is on the book titled, “Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, bariatric, and Sports Nutrition.” I got to read this book because of a possible need for knee-replacement. I started reading and following self-healing actions that have quickly shown relief from pain. Bone and cartilage-building is another phase to enter into. At the END of my review, you can click that you found the review was helpful. Silvia Villalobos read the review and found it helpful. In an e-mail to me, she also described why she liked reading it.




    • My Dear Joseph,

      What can I say? The eagle took a long time to mature in me. As you can probably feel, it wasn’t an overnight thing, but once the decision was made, I decided to go with it. It is my blog emblem and there is a river of happiness bubbling within me about this decision. I will definitely look at your book review. I personally believe that we run to the doctor to get an operation too quickly.


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  3. laurie27wsmith

    I do like that excerpt from the child and the prophet, Pat. Actually I liked all of them, they were so good.


    • Good Afternoon Bro,
      Thank you Bro. I am in the process of gathering them for a book. Excited about what will happen. Thank you for your encouragement.

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      • laurie27wsmith

        Hi Sis, You’re welcome. They’ll make a great book I think.


      • Bro, I hope so. That is my goal. We’ll see what happens. I can only write from my own beliefs and experiences; the rest is in the hands of the God I believe in.



  4. Lovely Patricia, I popped by and left a comment. I loved yours and all the others …


    • Thank you, My Dear Susan. The challenge has introduced and strengthen some excellent writers. I am very much encouraged.


  5. Love the story, and I love your new emblem, the majestic eagle …


    • Thank you. The eagle has been a part of me as long as I can remember, but it has taken me years to accept it.

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      • Part of me as well. I love imagining the freedom of sailing above mountains and valleys, as does the protagonist in my first book.


      • Thank you, Ashen.
        Is your book Course of Mirrors on Amazon Germany? If not, how can I buy it.

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      • Oh Pat, I wish I could say yes. My first book (I’m on the third now) has been contracted with a small publisher since 2013. I even re-signed the contract last spring, hoping it would be published by now. So more patience required. Once ‘Course of Mirrors’ is launched I’ll shout the news from the rooftops 🙂


      • Thank you. Please give out a shout when it launched.

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  6. It will be in English, my second language. I wrote about this language business. Just realised you speak German 🙂 https://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/mother-tongue-other-tongue/


    • Thank you, Ashen. Actually, my mother tongue is English. I am blessed to have the ability to speak and read more than one language fluenty, English, German, and now I am perfecting my Italian. I would prefer to read it in English but have no problems with reading it in German or Italian.

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  7. Joseph Rubin

    I am updating my comments from a little earlier.

    There are always more things to be said about Eagles that are symbolic of persons such as You, My Dear Pat. Eagles are usually ferociously persistent, going after something worthwhile, to eagles. Eagles also have fantastic eyesight, and with intelligence will notice certain ripples or bubbles on the surface of a lake 1000 feet below (or comparable Km) and will swoop down rapidly to catch a fish hunting for a flying insect above water, and will nab the fish and insect in one fell swoop!

    As for my review of the book that should be read by doctors who wish to help their patients avoid knee-surgery, I have emailed a First Progress Report to the author, Ingrid Kohlstadt.
    The substance of my report, tracing a sequence from August 2015 to October 23d, is that ending a 7 day period ending Oct 14th, I needed 4 different pain medications to choose from daily. Ending a 9 day period at 23d October I needed only 46..47% Aspirin of the time, and 17.65% of the time Tylenol (also known by chemical name Acetaminophen). Prescription pain medication was no longer needed!

    The importance of hydration, monitored across 24 hours daily, and quality sleep during night time with 45 minutes of sleep/rest in afternoon, have much to contribute to comfort during every-day activities, also being able to get along without a walking cane when on even ground as compared with hilly or grassy ground. Any suffering readers of this blog-site will do well to be familiar with my reading materials, especially EARLY IN ONSET OF A KNEE A PROBLEM.


    • My Dear Joe,
      Thank you for such a precise report regarding your research and your the change in your health. I plan to come back to you before the week is out. Maybe there are others who need to hear exactly what you have found out.

      Have a nice evening.


  8. Joseph Rubin

    Access to a page in Doctor Kohlstadt’s book, showing an illustration of knee anatomy, can be accessed at GOOGLE, entering “Electric Clouds and Arthritis.” In addition to this Doctor’s information, the Google page of results will also show an article by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming about Chinese Traditional Medicine that is directly relevant to healing all body joints including the knee..


    • Thank you, Joe. I will look that up before I get back to you with my reply.



  9. Joseph Rubin

    At 5:00 PM eastern time USA, I looked at GOOGLE again, and Doctor Kohlstadt’s book no longer appears, while the article by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming does.

    My review of Doctor Kohlstadt’s book can be looked at via Amazon, by title alone, Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition.

    My book review tells details about the knee and how joint movement will cause water to pour through the bone and the cartilage. The book shows this as figure 8.2 which is on page 131.


  10. Joseph Rubin

    Results on Google pages change rapidly hour to hour, and anybody would have it tricky to get to look at Doctor Kohlstadt’s illustration of knee anatomy.

    I found it possible today by getting on Google and posting
    Ingrid Kohlstadt 8 Water: a driving force in the musculoskeletal system page 130

    when a picture of the book with panel on left side of computer screen shows list of contents,
    CLICK on Section !!; Key Nutrients

    A picture of the book will show prominently on the page with a blank page showing at the right of the screen

    After this, scroll down with the bar at the extreme right of the computer screen and you will see one after another postage stamp pages available in succession

    when you reach (page) 130 at the bottom of this miniature view click on the image of the page, and a full screen view will be seen for description and illustrations of knee anatomy.




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