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My Viewpoint on Easter

Some people call him a harlot’s son; one of his grandmothers was a prostitute. Others say he wasn’t really completely Jewish; the Moabite tainted his bloodline.

Who was this man that respected man’s will to choose; that reached out to the brokenhearted and healed the sick?

What could have possessed him to be mocked, scorned, tortured and then hung on a cross? Could it have been love?

Today, over 2000 years later, some people celebrate his resurrection.

I am one of those people.

Shouts of praise came out of the mouths of the women that found his tomb empty, and I, too, shout with praise, JESUS IS RISEN!

Happy Easter Everyone,

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Pat Garcia



  1. Praise be!


    • Yes, we can say Praise be!
      Thank you, my sister.


  2. Ann Biller

    I say He is the Son of God, my King, my protector, my healor, the everlasting one, my best friend. The list goes on and. I could not live without him in my life on a daily basis. I am so glad He left us the Bible and His Holy Spirit! Happy Easter!


    • Good morning Sis,
      It is sooooo nice to know you are out there in Internet land. You and your husband have laid fundamentals bricks in my life. I am forever grateful.
      Love you.


  3. I celebrate as well! He is alive!!!


  4. deirdret

    I also celebrate! HE IS ALIVE!!!


    • My Dear Deirdre,

      Isn’t it strengthening too be able to shout out from within your heart, HE IS ALIVE!!!!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a thought here.
      Have a Happy Easter.


  5. There is only one truth and Jesus realized it and was dedicated, kind and brave enough to share it.

    Thank you, Patricia.


    • My Dear Samantha,
      You are so right; there is only one truth and I believe that Jesus knew it and came to earth to show us the way. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this subject.
      May you have a happy Easter and a beautiful week ahead of you.


  6. It is too bad he isn’t here to teach us more forms of love. We definitely NEED him. Have a loving and blessed Easter.


    • My Dear Friend,
      If there were ever time that we need Him, it is now and He can be found, if we will seek Him with our hearts.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a thought. I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter.
      Have a great time with your grandkids.


  7. Patricia Yeager

    As am I sister. Who else indeed would suffer such horrendous unimaginable tortures for mankind?

    Praise God, He is risen and coming again.

    Blessings and love,
    Your sister in Christ, Pat Y.


    • My Dear Pat,
      What a day that will be. Yes, He is coming again. Thank you for reading and affirming this, my sister, and thank you for your loyal support. It is a good feeling to know you’re out there somewhere on the Internet sending out thoughts of love.
      Have a blessed Easter.


  8. I too belong to the believers. Thanks for this wonderful post. With few words you touched many hearts, Patti.


    • My Dear Aurora,
      Thank you and have a very Happy Easter.

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  9. I’m glad He loved me enough to take all that for me. Great post.


    • I am also glad. What He did gave me new life and a reason to live and a reason to die.
      Thank you for coming by. I enjoyed your words of wisdom on offense in the A to Z Blog Challenge. It was excellent advice as well as inspiring.

      Pat Garcia

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