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Repression, A Commentary

Any time a country allows people entrance beyond their borders, ideologies clash.

Afraid of the new culture surrounding them, the ideologies embedded in the immigrant’s mind make him fear, and his fear turns to disdainfulness. He segregates himself into a group like himself and begins to idolize what he has left behind in his homeland. Soon, his reasons for escaping become mixed with the discontent he experiences in his host country.

His lack of language skills, a key principle, for an adjustment in any new environment, put stumbling blocks in his paths. Educational progress, which leads to good jobs, is limited, affecting the immigrant’s emotional stability. Unable to understand the struggle his host nation has overcome, the misplaced immigrant soon realizes that the good life he saw on television doesn’t happen as quickly as buying a MacDonald’s hamburger or a chicken sandwich from Chic-Fil-A.

What happened in France is dolorous. Intercultural diversity collided with repression. Cultures bounced against one another.

Too long, we have invited the immigrant to come in without ensuring he understands the ideology upon which our western culture is founded. We have neglected to find out how he thinks and to teach him our vision of democracy.

Yesterday, men, whose cultural ideology is different than ours: who believe that respect means repression, killed ten prominent thinkers and two protectors of the French Society.

Let us hope that these twelve people did not die in vain. That the streets across our western world will fill with people who have the courage to stand up and say, I am Charlie!

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Pat Garcia


  1. The Clash of the Cultures definitely can become a problem. However, in some cases home grown people choose a different way of life, as is the case of the sad situation in Paris. How do we protect against our own who decide to change?

    I so wish we could answer the world’s problems as I hate hearing about the destruction taking place in the world. It would be nice if people would respect one another.


    • My Dear Gwynn,

      I am sorry about responding so late, but I have been migrating my MacBook to my iMac and it is a challenge to my patience and demands much persevering.
      The Culture Clash has started and to be quite honest with you, I don’t know when it will end. Alarming days face us here in Europe. And I so agree with you, respect is one of the most important keys to living peacefully with each other.

      Thank you so much for dropping by.



  2. Thoughtful and inspiring – thank you Pat. Education has a big role to play.


    • My Dear Jenny,

      I am sorry for responding so late but i have been migrating my MacBook to my iMac and it is a challenge that demands my patience and my perseverance. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, education does play a big role, but I believe also that the willingness plays a role. The immigrant, regardless of who he or she is, must be willing to accept change, and change is frightening.


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  3. Many immigrants choose to go to another place and aren’t specifically invited. The door is open (to some degree) and they are welcomed to use it. I think your point how things can be and often are challenging for a person adjusting to a new place is right on. Assistance is needed.


    • Hello My Dear Friend,
      Sorry that I am so late responding, but I am still in the process of migrating my MacBook to my iMac. It is definitely a challenge and a process that needs patience and perseverance.

      You are so right about the door being open and of course if a person lives in a country where there is lots of economic struggle, he or she will use it. But if they are going to go that route, it needs to be made clear that they are entering a cultural society that will demand changes from them as immigrants. One of those changes is showing tenacity to learn the language, because it might not always be handed to you on a silver platter.

      Thank you so much for stopping by.



  4. Raani York

    True and powerful words. You are of course right that the clash of immigrants of what is and in their opinion “should be” might lead to discontent lives and a following of false ideals…
    I too think to the victims in France with great grief. May God bless their souls.


    • Hi Girlfriend,
      Thank you for stopping by. Sorry, that I am late responding but I have been migrating my MacBook to my iMac and that is a challenge. The European situation is something to think about. At the moment, it is more than stressful; it is frightening to many living here.



      • Raani York

        I understand that very well.


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