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Rise Up My Love. The Winter Is Past And Gone.

This time last year my legs were shaky, and I was swaddling around in uncertainties. Disappointed in the progress of my first book I was pondering over whether or not I had the stamina I needed to be the kind of writer that I desired to be.  Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

Sure, I got encouragement from other writers.  I even flirted with self-publishing, just to prove a point to myself, but facing my own reality, I knew that wasn’t the problem. The real problem lay within me.  I needed to know within myself whether or not I had something to say, regardless of whether I wrote fiction or non fiction, regardless of whether I was writing a blog article for a senior editor on my platform or for my own blogs. That was the question, and as I said last year in my last blog article I was Caught On My Blindside.

Not to mention that I had surgery, wrestle with the complications of having a sick partner, and living in a foreign country.  But, those were secondary problems that only covered the face of the real problem: what was going on inside of me. Like the Ground Hog article written on February 1st, I tried to leave my hole, but I finally went back in my hole to contemplate my misère.

Anything different from the majority sticks out. I don’t care what it is, and whom you are. You can have the same bone structure, same color of skin and the same hair particles, but you will stick out like a sore thumb when your soul is not at peace with itself.  People recognize that something is going on with you.  They may not be able to identify it, but it hangs like a shroud between you and them until it is resolved.

So there I was in 2013 wrestling with myself in all areas of my life. Wrestling with my soul as I came to grips with the direction I was heading in, which brings me down to what I want to say. Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

You’ll find me writing fewer blog posts this year than I have in the past. Not because I have given up writing, but because I decided that what I write has to make a statement. I don’t want to entertain with my blogs. I am trying to jar the minds of men and women and challenge them think, to agree or to disagree with my opinion, in other words, to communicate. It is my desire to establish a dialogue of communication in my blogs.  That means that when I don’t have anything to say, I’ll keep my big mouth shut.

As my mouthpiece, my blogs reflect my experiences on my journey, my beliefs, my struggles, and my overcoming.  They mirror how I see the world.  This does not mean that my view is correct. Many times it might be twisted, but I will never know that unless I challenge myself to listen to what others have to say. Thus, the rhythm of my blogs appearances will change to the following:

  • Walk On – four times a year,
  • Garcia’s Talks about Apple Products – four times a year,
  • Pat Garcia Book Reviews – twelve times a year,
  • Pat Garcia and Everything Must Change – seven times a year,
  • Garcia’s Views on Body Soul and Spirit – four times a year,
  • Wind, Rain, Winding Roads and Sunshine – seven times a year.

This will also give me the time I need to concentrate  on looking for the right agent for my books, establishing a much larger author platform than I have, taking the needed writing courses to improve myself in the ever changing requirements, in the Literary field, and to attend writing workshops that will let editors, agents and publishers know that I am out there.

Some of you know that I am a singer and musician too.  I travel quite a lot, giving concerts and conducting workshops here on the European Continent.  Therefore, another reason I needed to structure myself was for my music. Sometime this year, I would like to record a blues CD in cooperation with music and lyrics from a Canadian musician whom I admire deeply.

Without writing and music or music and writing, I am an empty hull searching for air so I can breathe. Rise up my love. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone.

So, as I rise, letting go of the shackles that keep me from moving out into the unknown and launch out on the water before me, I hope to meet you along the way as I travel further.  I invite you to enter into a conversation with me on my blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linked in, on WordPress, on Blogger, on American Diversity Report or anywhere else that I might write and to let me know how you see things happening around you or share with me your view of your state, country, or the world, and to disagree with me when you have a different point of view.  Disagreeing points of view do not mean that we have to be enemies. It means that we stretch ourselves to learn from each other and hopefully come away respecting the other’s opinion.

Finally, I hope you will share your joys and triumphs.  There is nothing that makes my soul merrier than to be able to listen to others as they share their joys, their happiness, and their struggle to overcome.

Hence, I challenge you to rise and move towards your life’s purpose; to rise from wherever you have hidden yourself, to look at the winter of your journey and say, the winter is over, the rain is past and gone as you move towards that which you know to be your destiny.

 So, Rise up my loves wherever you are. The winter is over, the rain is past and gone!

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 Pat Garcia


  1. Raani York

    Dear Patti,
    I admire your New Years resolutions and I hope I’ll be allowed to accompany you on your journey! You’re a great writer and I’ll be there whenever you need me! Let me know when your books are published! I’m very interested in reading them!
    I as well would still like you to permit me interviewing you. I have sent you the questions some time ago!
    It would be an honor!


    • Girlfriend you are a Dear!

      Of course you’ll be accompanying me. I treasure you as a Person so much. I will Keep you posted on my Progress with my first book. I am now in the process of choosing the right Agent, but that can take some time because the Agent has to agree that they would like to take me on.

      As for interviewing me, I would love to be interviewed by you, but to be honest, I don’t have anything to say at the Moment. Would you please give me a couple of months or at least until Spring to be interviewed, and would you send me the questionaire once again.

      Thank you so much and may you have a successful 2014 in your writing endeavours.



      • Raani York

        Of course, Patti – no worries. I wrote a reminder into my Agenda to send you the questionnaire again sometimes early April 🙂


  2. Boy, Patricia your post is WELL stated! The best part is that you have the drive to keep going and you know what you want to write. I applaud you! I too am like that Groundhog or mole… but I keep hiding! You are an excellent example. Keep up your wonderful work.


    • Hello My Dear Gwynn,

      I don’t see you as hiding. I see you as taking the time to make the right decision that will put you on the path you want to be in. Like where you are now, it took me some time to reach this Point and it didn’t happen overnight. So take your time and move out in your own Timing and not in anyone else’s.

      Take care my dear friend.



  3. Hi Pat! No matter what you write, or how often, I cherish the feelings that come out, both in you, and in me. Whatever works best for you is what you need to do. I hope that this new year is everything you want it to be, from the first to the last day. May God continue to bless your talents and dreams. I love you! Deirdre


    • My Dear Friend,
      I feel the same way about your writing. When I visit your blog site to read what you have read, I come away uplifted and encourage. It is a Moment where I sit back and relax as I listen to what you have to say.

      May God continue to give you wisdom and strength for the plans he has for you in 2014.



  4. I had a sense that you had a rough year last year but this has revealed more than I knew. I am glad you have gotten past some of those hardships and are moving forward. I admire your attitude and wish you all the best. Now rise up and walk on.


    • Thank you my Dear Friend,

      Sometimes it is best to step back and wade the water before you open your mouth. That’s what I did. I couldn’t talk about it, because I was in the middle of the storm, and it demanded my all.

      Yes, I am rising. I don’t know how high, but that is not the point. The point is to start moving and leaving the rest in divine hands.



  5. Good luck with your endeavors as you rise! I shall rise too! Blessings, Natalie


    • My Dear Natalie,

      I thank you for your comment. Yes, we shall rise. It is so nice meeting someone that is in the process of rising up as I am.

      May 2014 open doors that you never thought would open and may you have the courage to walk through them in peace.



      • Thank you for your well wishes, Patti. My wishes are the same for you. Shalom. Natalie 🙂


  6. Good for you, Patti. God bless you, your resolutions, your convictions and your determination for 2014. I admire you so very much. Love to you, Kim


    • My Dear Kim,

      Thank you so much. I look forward to this year. It is as if I have walked out into rays of understanding and I hope that I won’t ever forget the lessons that I have learned from 2013.

      All the best for you in 2014.



      • Remarkable. To have found that little “Golden Nugget.” So lucky you are. I am so happy for you and hoping I get there too.


      • You will get there Kim. It is not always easy, and we never get it all at one time. That is a Blessing, but Keep moving Forward. Each day you step Forward is a step in the direction of your life purpose.



      • I listen to you and trust your words. Thank you, Patti.


  7. You’ve found a wonderful “mantra” to help keep you on track. I hope it all works out as you plan.


    • Thank you. I never thought of it as a mantra. I received it from the Song of Songs as I was reading one of the chapters. Those are the exact words and they hit me right where they were supposed to, in my heart.



  8. Wow, my dear friend, not only is this so well written, but even though we had different obstacles to overcome what you wrote applies to us both. I’m not a depressed person but I am since my last six months of turmoil. I will reread this as it’s just what I needed to hear to help drag me up from the dungeons of despair and hopelessness. I was frightened because I no longer saw a future–now because of you, I do. Thank you!!

    Love, Micki


    • Micki,
      You cannot imagine what your words did to me. You are going to make it dear heart. And if anyone could understand where I was, I had the feeling that you would understand especially.
      Take care my dear friend.
      Love you.


  9. laurie27wsmith

    Well Sis, I think you’ll be just as busy as ever. Maybe less posting but probably a higher rate of content. I wish you all the very best in whatever form your year of writing takes. I look forward to whatever it is you have to say.


    • My Dear Bro,
      Your words are oil to my heart. Thank you. Just knowing you are there causes me to rejoice. I look forward to writing and I am preparing a great increase in my quality of writing. It means much to me to touch the hearts of people.



      • laurie27wsmith

        Hi Sis, I have faith in you and your work the change will obviously be for the better. It will also touch many more than you realise.


  10. Patricia, this is a very special post indeed. Thank you so much for sharing the difficulties that you’ve had and may 2014 be a year in which your soul speaks even more clearly. May the challenges always be overcome as they will as you have shown that they can. You have much to say, all of it so valuable. These are nuggets, never forget that.
    Sending you love,
    Your SA friend.


    • My Dear Susan,

      Thank you for your encouragement in 2013. Your blog always hit a certain note and made me re-group and gain new strength. You yourself have much to say, and I am privileged to be among your listeners.



  11. Yes, it is nearly gone here as well. I am not sure why I don’t receive all your new posts, as I see this was a January one.
    Regardless, I love your way with words, dear one, and wish you a fruitful 2014.


  12. Dear Pat,
    Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. It’s nice to know that we (writers) are not alone. Keep looking up–WINTER IS OVER! Blessings, Bette


  13. Dear Patricia,

    My reply here is way late, but I just had to comment on what your wrote. And, I see I am in the company of a few other latecomers. I must comment because I could have written this post myself — well, maybe not so artfully and beautifully. Nevertheless, the proof is in the prose: I have been in this place myself the past year or so — wondering what to write, if I should continue writing, if I have anything to say. It appears most writers go through this from time to time, particularly when we are drawn away to other life urgencies. I want to make a statement, not just write fluff, and I love being among people and dialog; I like to know others’ thoughts. I could go on….

    I admire your diligence in organizing your work and your time and sticking to it. How to take the horse by the reins and just do this, I am still learning. Thank you for writing this thoughtful piece.


    • My Dear Friend,

      It is never too late to comment on an article. There are some blogs that I comment on six months later because at the time that I make a comment, what they have written has touched my heart, at that particular moment. I so understand being between a rock and a hard place. Life circumstances test any true novelist character, beliefs, and patience.

      I discovered a little book by John Gardner titled On Becoming A Novelist and I fell in love with the way he wrote about the writer’s life. It is a small book not many pages, but he goes into the depth of what a novelist feels. He says, and let me quote him for you, “Nothing is harder than being a true novelist, unless that is all one wants to be, in which case, though becoming a true novelist is hard, everything else is harder.

      Daemonic compulsiveness can kill as easily as it can save. The true novelist must be at once driven and indifferent. Van Gogh never sold a painting in his life. Poe came close with poetry and fiction selling very little. Drivenness only helps if it forces the writer not to suicide but to the making of splendid works of art, allowing him indifference to whether or not the novel sells, whether or not it’s appreciated. Drivenness is trouble for both the novelist and his friends; but no novelist, I think, can succeed without it. Along with the peasant in the novelist, there must be a man with a whip. Unquote.

      Since I read this little book which I have painted away in all colors because I am always discovering something that I didn’t see so clearly before, I have relaxed. I know that I am a normal. I am a novelist and my music or the writing or a short story or an article for a newspaper or magazines are outlets that will balance my desire to succeed as I continue to keep my priorities in place. That is why I need to focus and use my time wisely.

      Like you, it is my desire to make a statement with whatever i write, regardless of the genre. For that to take place, I have to stepped back and listen to what is going on within me. I need to hear my inner voice, because that is what touches the hearts of people. When people read what you write, they know that you know, where they are because you have been there, or because you have felt their pain, or because you have rejoiced in the same joys that they have rejoiced in.

      So keep on writing my dear friend. We will encourage each other, and we will learn from each other. Thank you so much for writing your thoughts. It has been a joy to share with you this evening my thoughts.


      P.S. I was so fascinated by John Gardner that I went searching for his books and found some of them on Amazon. He was a brilliant writer, in every way. It hurt when I read that he died at the age of 49. He had a motorcycle accident. I have his fiction and non fiction books. He was marvelous.


      • Dear Patricia,

        To each one of your paragraphs I want to say, yes, yes, and yes. I thoroughly agree with you — your thoughts and experiences — and with John Gardner. Thank you for sharing his wise words (and yours). I will look for his books on Amazon; also at the library.

        And, thank you for taking the time to write me such a long, thoughtful and heartfelt reply. Yes, we will encourage each other. Sharing my thoughts with you is such a joy. –And now to arrange my priorities and follow them diligently.



  14. You are a good writer. It’s good that you have something to say. I am listening.


  15. I am listening.


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