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But It’s Mother’s Day

What do you hear,” the child asked the Prophet, curious to know what was happening below the heavenly atmosphere they lived in, “What do you hear?”

“I hear mothers mourning over the lost of their young.”

“But it’s Mother’s Day,” the child replied.

“Oh, how well I know that,” answered the Prophet.

“So tell me what do you hear, Prophet? What do you hear?”  The child in its naivety thought the earth had gotten better.

“Silence, child, I hear a faint rumbling coming up from a far.”

“All right, I won’t let out one peeps, but promise me you’ll tell me what you hear?” And the child dance around the Prophet with joyous expectations.

“You have my promise. I will only tell you what I hear.”  Suddenly, the Prophet covered his ears. “Oh the rumble, it’s terrible,” shouted the Prophet. “It gets louder and louder.”

“Surely, it is the sound of  the people on earth celebrating and cheering as they honor their mothers,” the Child said.

“Shh, now, I hear it clearly,” The Prophet commanded.

“What is it?” The Child asked.

“It sounds like gunfire going off in schools, at homes, on streets––children killing children.”

“But it’s Mother’s Day.”

“Oh, How well I know that.” The Prophet mumbled.

“So tell me something good. Tell me of the songs you hear, or the flowers you see, or children honoring their mothers with surprises on this beautiful Mother’s Day.”

“Wait!” Said the Prophet. “Be still. I hear another cry”

“Oh, goodie. It’s about time you heard a beautiful cry.”

The prophet began to cry before the child, and he began to beat his hands against his breast.

What wrong, Prophet, what’s wrong? Tell me, what did you hear?”

“Like Rachel crying for her young ones over two thousand years ago, I hear mothers wailing; painful moans, no man can ever imagine, coming up out of the heart of women: mothers wailing for the lost of their young.”

“But it’s Mother’s Day, Prophet.”

“Oh, how well I know that,” the Prophet answered.

“So, what do you see on this beautiful day for mothers everywhere,” the child asked, hoping the Prophet would report about the presents that made mommies happy on their special day. Maybe, just maybe,  the child thought, the Prophet will let me look down and see the celebrations.

“Shall I tell you what I hear? Maybe then you’ll understand what I’m saying,” the Prophet said.

“All right.  Tell me, what do you hear, Prophet?  What do you hear?”

“I hear mothers wailing for the lost of their young;

Children, whose lives have been cut off by drunken drivers;

Children, whose lives are stopped short by guns in the hands of distorted minds;

Children, whose lives are prematurely ended by the scalpel;

Children, whose lives are snuffed out by bombs as they sleep;

Children, whose lives have been contaminated––destroyed by chemicals dropped from the air as man fights against man.

I see little people, like you, child, who have no voice

To speak out,

To protest,

To vote;

Their lives have been taken away without their consent.”

“But it’s Mother’s Day, Prophet. It’s Mother’s Day.

“Oh, how well I know that!” The Prophet answered.


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Pat Garcia


  1. Carolyn Shanks-Hoyle

    Say it P, Say it P! People don’t realize what the are doing to our children these days! They don’t realize taking God out of the schools as well as the home is hurting us all!


    • Thank you my Dear Friend. I believe if we were to realize that God is waiting on us to seek him, we would have a total other viewpoint on life. Instead we have divided ourselves into sections, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics as Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons,etc. The first step in mankind is to realize that we are all brothers and sisters and maybe we will all start seeking God, our Creator, and He will let us find him.



  2. deirdret

    Very dark, Patricia. Very sad.


    • Hello My Dear Friend,

      Yes, it is very dark and very sad. Whenever I turn on the television or look at the news on my computer and see mothers carrying corpses of their lifeless children, it is sad. When I hear of children gunning down children, it is sad; when I hear of accidents where families are wiped out because someone got behind the steering of his car testing the hand of fate and daring others to stop them, it is sad. This article was given to me by the Spirit over a week ago and I was shocked at my own emotions as the Spirit opened my eyes to see a small tiny drop of what He sees. There was not a better day to proclaim it. The wailing tears of mothers who have buried their young.

      Love you dearly.



  3. Yes, it is disturbing as to what is happening to our world. Our innocence is being destroyed and the children murdered. How did we get to the point where we no longer respect life?


    • My Dear Friend,

      Your last sentence says so much. How did we get to this point? I don’t believe many people even consider that. I have said it before but I would like to say again, how this article challenged me. I struggled with it over a week. I saw small children in Bangladesh that were dead being pulled out of building that was poorly built, I saw injured children in the Middle East, starving children in North Korea that were homeless with no where to go and in our western culture, children carrying guns taking other lives without knowing the consequences of their actions. It is frightening because this is becoming normal but there is no normalcy to be found.

      To call attention to these things on Mother’s Day may sound a bit morbid but it is an appropriate day to remind people everywhere that mothers are wailing, mourning their lost, and we need to do something about it.

      So thank you so much my sharing.
      Love you, Lady.



  4. Depressing post – dark. I wish for no mother to have to go through this sort of thing.


    • My Dear Friend,

      Yes it is depressing, dark but how true it is. Mothers all over the world are wailing as they see their young being slaughtered, killed before their time. We celebrate Mother’s Day as if all is right with the world, and we forget the grieving mothers who would love to have their children by their side. Although I have never conceived a child, my heart goes out to all of the mothers who have lost a child; who approach Mother’s Day with a foreboding feeling because their child is no longer there. And yes, it is depressing because the death rates of children are increasing.

      Thank you so much for sharing with me.



      • I don’t quite see it like that. We celebrate Mother’s day by honoring our mothers and trying to be more appreciative not as if all is right in the world.
        Don’t get me wrong, I pity those have lost children – I can’t even imagine the heartache. However, I don’t think that means Mother’s Day should be taken way. On the contrary, we should appreciate mothers all the more.


  5. Thank you for writing what He put on your heart to write. May each of us wail and cry out to God, for our children .. .His children. God bless you , Patricia .. write on!


    • My Dear Debbie,

      I keep saying this but I believe it must be said. This is one of the hardest articles I have written. It bred within my spirit over seven days and even though I have never conceived a child, I could imagine the pain of the mothers. All over the world, we see and hear of mothers crying out because they have lost their young. It should be a wake up call for all of us, but is it?



  6. Raani York

    This nearly made me cry Patti, even though it’s written beautifully, it’s just so… sad. I still like it. You’re such a talented writer!! My emotions run high right now!


    • My Dear Raani,

      Thank you for sharing. This was one of the most difficult posts that I have written. We take everything on face value and tend to forget the hearts of grieving mothers who have had to bury their children. Even though I have never conceived a child, the pain of these mothers was deep within my heart. It is a cry that is being shouted out by women all over the world as they mourn for their lost children.

      Happy Mother’s Day my dear Friend.



  7. Thanks, Pat, for being a voice for grieving mothers and lost children everywhere! Love, thoughts and prayers for all. Bette


    • Good morning Bette,
      Thank you for reading the article on grieving mothers. Even though it was Mother’s Day, a happy time of appreciation for all mothers with children, it was my desire to spotlight those mothers who have lost their children because of the many things happening all over this world.
      Thank you so much for your support.


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