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And Yet And Still, It Is Christmas!

Bombs blasting in Egypt, missiles finding their targets in the Gaza, Israel, Afghanistan, Syria and Turkey, auto bombs in Iraq, Pakistan and India and endless bomb threats in Western Europe, shootings taking place in the schools of the United States of America, thousand more children being killed by drunken drivers, or dying from some incurable disease––And yet and still, it is Christmas!

Everywhere you look there is a catastrophe going on.  Human Beings are dying, and the majority of them are women and helpless, underage children, and some of these children do not make it to the third month of growth in their mother’s womb. Their lives are quietly snuff out by medical personnel who voluntarily assist in murder––And yet and still it is Christmas!

People are in an uproar! Shouts go out through the entire world! We have got to do something to stop unnecessary killings.  These headlines are printed across every newspaper in the world every day as a show of solidarity for change. But will we change?

  • Will we stop selling weapons and start listening?
  • Will we start respecting the inalienable rights of all human beings, even at the time of conception?

My heart bleeds for the children in Newtown, Connecticut, but it also bleeds for every child that has been killed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else in the world, where violence against helpless children has become the daily agenda. It does not matter to me if the violence takes place on the streets, in the orphanages, in the homes or in schools, various institutions, or in prostitution houses. Yes, you read it correctly! I said prostitution houses––and yet and still it is Christmas.

The number of men and women who participate in the prostitution of children is ridiculous! Take a look and tally the number of men, respectable citizens of our society, who cohabit with young girls or boys who are unable to protect themselves.

They fly to Asia or Africa and flash their various currencies in the faces of desperate parents who sell the most precious gifts they have, their children, to pay the bills and feed the family.  These respectable citizens take advantage of poverty-stricken families for their own perverse satisfaction––And yet and still it is Christmas.

Children rights are being taken advantage of, and it is time for us to wake up and rediscover our moral and ethical principles––But will we?

“What do you see?”  Hazael asked the prophet Elisha?  “Why are you crying?”

Elisha answered, “Because I know the harm you will do to the Israelites.  You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground and rip open their pregnant women.”

  • When will we learn to respect the untouchable, inalienable rights of children?
  • When will we accept the fact that our elevation of man on the throne as the ultimate answer to the world’s problems has backfired?
  • When will we begin to look up instead of looking straight ahead and pointing fingers at the others?

We have indisputably proven money does not breed righteous living.  If this were not so, then the more money we had, the more righteous we would be!

We have further proven weapons do not guarantee freedom. If this were not so, then freedom would be ruling the world instead of violence––And yet and still it is Christmas!

  • When will we begin to examine ourselves and acknowledge that the problems are with our depraved minds?
  • When will the eyes of our hearts be opened to the Manifesto Creed of Life presented to us by God?  
  • How many years will it take for us to finally acknowledge we have taken the wrong course?

As long as Christmas exists,


  • There is still time for repentance,


  • Still time to turn back from our own ways,


  • Still time to seek the LORD––But will we?


Thank God! There is still Christmas!

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Pat Garcia





  1. There is always hope.


    • Hi,

      You hit it directly, and I could not have said it better, “There is always hope.” That is one of the best summaries for “And Yet and Still, It Is Christmas.” That was one of my intentions. Many of my readers have been waiting on my response to what happened in Newtown. There has been much written about it, and in many cases, anger from both sides of the pros and the cons have influenced people thinking intensely, that no one seems to be listening to the real victims, and they are the children. But these are not only the children from Newtown, but from children all over the world. And it was my desire to address the issues for all of the victims as well as address the principle of hope as long as Christmas existsm because Christmas is the inexpressible joy of the glory of God.



  2. Merry Christmas! Shalom 🙂


    • Good morning Jeanne,

      I sincerely hope you had a blessed Christmas. It has been a pleasure visiting your blog, and I look forward to seeing you grow as you continue to move ahead with your writing in 2013.


  3. Thank you for sharing with us the Hope of Christ in our lives God bless you, Pat!


    • Good morning Debbie,

      Thank you Debbie. It is such a pleasure to write out the joy and the hope that resident itself in my soul. I am thankful this morning.
      May God continue to bless you to reach the masses. You are a blessing too many.


  4. laurie27wsmith

    Ahhh, Pat what a great blog. You have highlighted the most precious of them all, our children. Christmas is a time for children yet their lives are still uncertain, their future in many countries is mapped out for them. Disease, abuse, death. I feel for the children killed in Newtown and can understand the outpouring of grief. if only that same press coverage, grief and political promises were poured out over the children of the world, whose lives are in peril every day. Then we could say that we understand what Christmas means.


    • My Dear Brother,

      Thank you and I hope that you and Lorelle had a beautiful and blessed Christmas Day. Thank you for your loyal support as a reader of what I write, and thank you for understanding this article. Many of my readers were waiting on my response to Newtown. I had none until I listened to the still small voice that gives me direction for my life. Newtown happens all over this world, and I bleed for those kids. I hurt for the unsung babies and small children who die daily and they never received attention, and I grieve for those kids who will never know what it means to live a normal childhood because they have been pressed into something that changes their lives forever.

      You understand this, and therefore I am all the more thankful for your walking this way with me. If every child, regardless of what continent they live on, could wake up with a smile of their faces, a tummy that is not suffering from hunger, a body that is not wrack with pain, and a psyche that is bathed in love, then we will have Christmas.

      I love you bro.


      • laurie27wsmith

        Thanks Sis, we had a good day, very quiet. Yes I do understand your article, it took courage to write it in the current climate of grief in the states. Most are only affected by what happens in their locality or country. What occurs anywhere else doesn’t seem quite real or it’s far enough away to not bother them. It would be a blessed event if everyone woke up tomorrow not suffering from hunger or disease, poverty or under the heel of some repressive regime.
        yes, then we can really celebrate Christmas.
        Love to you Sis,


  5. Awesome post Pat–you have such great talent in making analogies and showing your readers that as long as Christmas always comes aka Christianity, there will always be hope for this troubled so often harsh, brutal world. Yet no evil can overpower the love of God and if we can hold onto that one thought, we’ll be able to survive whatever is thrown at us, through His grace. Merry Christmas!!

    Love, Micki


  6. Raani York

    What a great blog post, Patricia! I love your kind of writing – it sometimes makes me think it’s “all so simple”!! You’re such a great talented writer!!


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