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The Champions Who Walked Among Us

The Champions Who Walked Among Us – Article 10 – The Grandmother

Four months and two days had already passed as she entered into the world. The year was 1898, and on the third day of the month of May, she let out the first cry highlighting her existence.  Unknowing to her parents, the cry she expelled would ring throughout her entire life and cause her to stand up and fight, no matter the cost to those people and things she cherished the most.

Times were difficult for her race.  Growing up among a family of ten people, this young girl knew what it meant to cower in your bedroom, while unknown people, without faces, attacked your home late in the midnight hours. She knew the meaning of having prejudices and judgmental opinions follow you wherever you went. Her race, identified as a people with peculiar ways and traditions, had incurred  the jealousy of many nations, since ancient times, and were caused to wander throughout the world, no home, no country, no place to dock and stay––treated with toleration, since they had been driven from their own homeland.

The year, 1906, saw her and her family fleeing the only country she had ever known, hoping to escape the brutal mob attacks upon their lives. Her father had already departed the land, leaving them behind, to find a place to escape the poverty surrounding them.  He looked for the country, which would offer more opportunities for his children to develop and grow. Since they were born in a country where the climate was rather chilly, he sought an area in the United States, which would be similar to their climate conditions in their homeland. The young girl was eight years old at the time of her departure and had not seen her father for three years.

  • What would you have done when you were terrorized because of what you were?
  • How would you have felt sleeping with one eye opened and one eye closed if you were a child, not yet eight years of age?
  • Where would you have gone if you knew you were unwanted?

Her father had chosen Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a new life began for the little girl.  However, the ostracism did not stop, even though they were in the land where dreams come true, the land of the free. Enrolled in school, she excelled and became the class valedictorian.  But, what revealed itself as a joyous occasion for her became a nightmare for her parents.  Not overjoyed at her intellectual success they made plans for her to become a seamstress and to marry a much older man who would be able to keep her in her proper place.

  • How would you have reacted to the plans of those who were responsible for you?
  • Would you have acquiescently accepted their fate for your life?
  • Would you, at the age of fourteen, have had the guts to slip away in the midnight hours and run unknowingly in the direction of your destiny?

Arriving at her sister’s home, she found an ally––someone who understood her, someone who would be the mediator and would assist her to take the step towards her destiny.  It was here in Denver, Colorado, at the age of fourteen, that the young teenager who was not yet married, not yet a mother herself, would receive the information she needed to rise, and The Grandmother was born.

In her sister’s home, she became acquainted with the different splitter groups that argued for a homeland for their people.  Here, she would learn of the difficulties concerning their acceptance in a society that was not sure if they wanted them or not; here, she would find others who were tired of being victims; here, she would find people who no longer were willing to sit back and be tolerated, because of the birth heritage they received, without having any say-so in the matter.

The Grandmother lived only one year at her sister’s, but that was enough to lay the foundation for her future.  One year later, the reconciliation between her and her parents caused her to return to them, with the stipulation she could finish high school and go to college.  She had used her tenacity and patience to her advantage, and these same quality traits­­–– tenacity and perseverance–– would become two of most valuable assets throughout her entire lifetime.

To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be![1]

It was the year of 1917, the United States had entered World War I, and this young lady had found the man she wanted to marry, under the condition, he promised to move them to the little piece of dirt surrounded by alien forces in Palestine.  The man said yes, and The Grandmother took the second giant step toward her destiny.

  • Little did she know how much she would have to offer on the altar of sacrifice;
  • Little did she know her plans of living a life as a mother and wife would take a subordinate role in her destiny;
  • Little did she know she would travel the world being the one of the most recognized politicians in a man’s world.

This woman was the first to command the respect of an entire Army as Commander-In-Chief. She was The  Grandmother.

Thrown into politics, she did whatever was necessary to get the job done.  Decisive, she made decisions that were unfavorable to others. She took her position, and she did not waver.

I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was for it regardless of the possible outcome.[2]

Whether women are better than men I cannot say – but I can say they are certainly no worse.[3]

You’ll never find a better sparring partner than adversity.[4] 

See The Grandmother, whose heart’s desire was to be a good wife and mother, juggle her responsibility;

See her as she recognizes her spouse would not take the same high road she had taken;

See her as she struggles to do the right thing by her children;

See her as the pain in her soul burns through her breast, because she cannot deny the call––the call to follow her destiny.

The year was 1974.  The Grandmother stepped back from public life. Although she had been ill for some time, it had been her desire to stand up and be counted that  kept her moving on.  As she stepped down in 1974 from her political office of Prime Minister, the woman, who was called The Grandmother was weary and tired.

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.[5]

Four years later, The Grandmother awoke.  She probably looked with her inner eyes at the events, which were affecting her beloved country, as she took an inspection of all she had accomplished on her journey.

  • Had she not fulfilled her desire to move to Palestine? Yes!
  • Had she not been one of the original signers of the Israeli Proclamation of Independence? Yes!
  • Had she not been the first ambassador to Russia for her newly established Country? Yes!
  • Had she not kept her political party together and became the first woman Prime minister? Yes!
  • Had she not struggled against a disease that slowed her down and crippled her ability to participate in certain events? Yes!
  • Had she tried to raise her children with the consciousness of how crucial it was to fight for something, which was bigger than your own desires? Yes!
  • Had she not hid her tears as she walked the lonely road of her destiny? Yes!

As The Grandmother looked back, she smiled and letting out a sigh, she could hear the clock ticking.

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.

December 8, 1978, the alarm went off, and The Grandmother stood up to Walk On.

It was time to take her flight ––her journey was over.  With a deep sigh of satisfaction, The Grandmother Walked On!

She Walked On, People, She Walked On!

Golda Meir, The Grandmother, who came into the world as Goldie Mabovitz in Kiev, Ukraine, Walked On!   

Walk On all you female torchbearers Walk On!

The way is sometimes steep,

The hills are sometimes rugged,

But Walk On! I say, Walk On!



01 Walk On – Song by Kellie Coffey – permission requested.


Pat Garcia


  1. I remember Golda Meir. Although I was young, I remember she seemed to have the whole world’s respect. I did not know her life story and I appreciate you for sharing. Again, as always, well done, Patricia. I love these brief history lessons. They make me want to find out more.


    • Hi,
      Thank you Linnea. Your wanting to know more about these characters is one of the highest compliments that you could pay me. You see, there are so many women out there who have paved the way for us to move forward and so little is known about them.
      Once again, thank you.


  2. Nice one. I certainly heard of and am familiar with Golda Meir. I kind of thought it was her as I read on. Anyway, I learned more about her by reading this. As I’ve mentioned to you before, this is a really interesting way to present historical figures. I enjoy reading these biographies and recognize it must be time consuming to put them together. I applaud you.


    • Hi,
      Thank you. I was a fan of Golda Meier. She was in my own opinion, a political leader with heart and the good common sense that seems to be missing from a lot of politiicians. Yes, these articles take up a tremendous amount of time because of the research that I do. But, the research helps me to step into the role of the person and so that I can see the events that I would like to write about concerning their lives.
      They can only come from my heart when i have gone a mile with them. Besides, I am learning so much about myself it is shocking.
      Thanks once again. It is always a pleasure to have you reading my blogs.


  3. Raani York

    Thank you very much Patricia, another well written informative and interesting story. Every single time I could say: Now THIS one is my favorite – and every single time it would be true!! GREAT job!!!


    • Hi,
      Thank you my dear Raani. That is good to hear. I hope that you are fine. Give Jake a pat for me.


  4. Another very interesting – inspiring life. I was amazed by her political/military involvement. It took such strength of character for the times she lived in.
    Thank you again, Patricia, for educating and inspiring me – on a night when I feel tired and weak and small!


    • Hi Peggi,
      Thank you. There is so much about this woman that amazed me. Her inner strength, the ability to keep a nation together after what happened at the Olympics in 1972 are all things that I admire about her. And to think that she went through so much, not only in Russia but also in the United States and still came out looking forward with a vision and determination. I can only say, she is one of my favourites.


  5. I wasn’t sure who it was at the start, but guessed Golda Meir and I was right. I thought this was very well-written and I enjoyed reading it.


    • Hi,
      Thank you Lisa. It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed reading it. Golda Meir is one of my favourite ladies. She left behind a legacy and paved the way for Itzak Rabin who was later on assasinated. Once again, thank you.


  6. Patricia, This was your best so far and I know I say that each time, but I just love them all. You had me almost to the end before I guessed who it was–what a grand woman she was!!I love learning new things from you that aren’t always in the history books. The song was perfect too. I miss not talking to you–tried to get amazon Germany pulled up but the pc is fighting me–or amazon.

    Love, Micki


    • Hi Micki,
      Thank you my dear. Your comments and what you think are treasured. Before I go any further, you may not be able to pull up your review on amazon.de because you are living in the States. If you need a copy of it, please let me know and I will send you the original word version. So, your PC is not fighting you, it is the restrictions at amazon.
      I miss talking to you also. I don’t visit PenAndPaperWorld as often as I visit Writer’s Gateway. I love both groups, but have so little time at the moment.
      Take care of yourself. Love you.


  7. Patricia, Patricia, Patricia….When are you going to be able to leave your day job and pursue the gifts you have been given to share? I am not saying this n a derogative manner. I cannot count the times, when I have not been able to get to some very special people’s blogs or comments, and there you were, echoing my thoughts without even knowing it, lifting up and encouraging, singing to me and those who have come to walk beside you. You are as much of an inspiration as those you write about. I hope you know that . You are loved and respected. Thank you for being here, in this space, with us. Hugs to you.


    • My Dear Liz,
      Thank you. I get so much joy out of helping others achieve their goals. The pie is really big enough for all of us to get a big slice and still there will be some left over. I find that every time I reach out and help someone else, I go one step farther. And yes, I look forward to the day when my first book will be published. I know it will be, but I don’t know when, but it will be and I will rejoice when it happens. But while I am waiting, I will keep on writing and keep on reaching out to others. The joy within us increases when we let go and love, and I believe that.
      Thank you my Dear. Those words of praise coming from you means more to me than you’ll ever know.
      I love you, Liz.


  8. Great Work. Keep the flow coming 🙂


    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading one of my babies. The Champions Who Walked Among Us means a lot to me. I, too, am learning so much by researching these ladies who have done so much for the world and the majority of them are unknown. We often tend to think that everything starts with us, but that is not true. Regardless of what we achieve, somewhere in some part of the world someone started the ball to rolling.
      Once again thank you for your encouraging words and I wish you a great day.


  9. susanscottsa

    Hello Patricia! A lovely history lesson thank you. She was one of my heros – or should I say heroine. Is there any way you can alert us to when you blog? They are always such a treasure, written so beautifully and poignantly – thank you!!


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