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Some Mother’s Heart Is Crying

JD520435Global expansion is inching its way, step by step, across planet Earth––but some mother’s heart is crying.

Lives are being laid down in the Ukraine, Sudan, North Korea, Egypt, Syria and Nigeria––some mother’s child is dead.

Hate, spirited by greed and power, makes men do the detestable; violating the rights of other human beings––some mother’s heart is bleeding.

Some mother’s child in Nigeria is kidnapped from her school and thrown into a story that will mark her life forever––some mother’s heart is broken.

Every second, a mother is crying on this planet as she:

  • Watches her child destroyed by a bomb in a war that she didn’t start
  • Sees her child struggling against a disease for lack of proper medical care
  • Looks at her child starving from hunger in a world where plenty abounds
  • Observes her child drinking infested water that has enough bacteria to kill any animal.

Somewhere, some mothers’ hearts are crying.

Flowers, gifts, travel, and good eating––highlights of frenetic busyness design to show the priceless value of women and the joy of motherhood on Mother’s Day.

“What do you hear, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“I hear the wailing of girls who have been kidnapped, sold into slavery, and sexually abused; I hear the voices of the Amintas’,  Shjahwanas’, Aishas’,  Asmas’,  Deborahs’, Ruths’,  Esthers’,  Kwantas’,  Kummanis’,  Larabes’, Jummanis’,  Fatimas’,  Palmantas’,  Aistatus’, Kabus’,  Yayis’, of this world.” And The Prophet began to cry.


“Shh, Shh.” The Prophet whispered.

A dark cloud appeared, and covering his ears, The Prophet said, “Oh, No!” And he shook his head as uncontrollable tears streamed down his face.

“What is it, Prophet? Tell me, what do you hear?”

“Some mothers’ hearts are crying.”

Yet, we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Photo on 2-13-14 at 2.30 PM








Pat Garcia


  1. SO BEAUTIFUL….FROM MY FAMILY~Patricia in Germany….we love you here….


  2. Soooo. Beautiful. We love you Patricia……your my family in Germany.



    • My Dear Linda,

      Thank you and you’re my family in New York. I truly wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day and a joyful time in Atlantic City.


  3. With tearful and anxious heart, I celebrate Mother’s Day for the many mothers who are crying and broken. May our mighty God comfort them and bring them His peace. Shalom


    • My Dear Jeanne,
      I truly thank you. This morning I thought the same as I awoke. I don’t know how many of mothers are in anguish at this moment, but like you, I too pray that God’s comfort and peace be with them, for we serve a mighty God.



  4. This is very powerful Patricia thank you. We are ever mindful of our daughters and acknowledge the pain they feel and we on their behalf.


    • My Dear Susan,
      Thank you. I like your way of saying it, “ever mindful of our daughters and acknowledge the pain they feel and we on their behalf.”
      That is solidarity. Thank you for your uniting with the cause.



  5. Really went heavy here Pat. I went the opposite on my mothers day post.
    Anyway, there are many sad stories of/for/about mothers – too many.
    May it be happy Mothers Day for all mothers one day soon.


    • Hi,
      you’re very correct in your assumption about heavy. Personally, I celebrate Mother’s Day with joy, but I cannot close my eyes to the pain that many mothers are experiencing. Therefore, my Mother’s Day Message looks at the other side; for as long as the human being refuses to respect and accept that we are all related, the one day you hope for will not come soon. In fact, the gap is getting wider.



      • I don’t know what you mean when you say that the gap is getting wider.


      • Hi,

        By gap getting wider, I mean the crises all over the world where many seem to be blind. As conflict increases on our planet, some mother’s child will die, or become lame, or have to learn with a disability, because they have been killed in a war, kidnapped because of a ideology or lost a bodily limb because they were walking or playing on ground that was unsafe due to grenades planted underneath. Children will die due to more and more countries increasing their budgets on weapon, instead of providing food, and mothers’ will cry because they see their children starving and cannot do anything. The gap gets wider and wider as we see women demoted to birth machines that bring forth life to be sent on a battlefield or to be sold into prostitution so that the family may eat.

        I am not against Mother’s Day. In fact, it is one of the most important holidays. I think it should be honored as a four day public holiday starting with Friday. Maybe then, the atrocities that women suffer will become an international concern and political governments will be forced to change their policies and respect the inalienable rights of women. Until then, some mothers’ hearts are crying.



  6. Raani York

    How wonderful, Patti. I’m so happy to read from you again!! I hope you’re spending a wonderful day!!!
    Love you.


    • Thank you Girlfriend. I hope you had a wonderful day, and thank you so much for the tweet.



  7. I love The Prophet and all his/her wisdom, Patricia. Thank you for keeping us aware that not all have flowers in their gardens, Mother’s Day or otherwise.


    • My Dear Friend,

      Thank you. So true. We celebrate and it is good that we celebrate, but let us not forget those who lay down with tears in their eyes because their children have been kidnapped, or stolen, or killed.



  8. Well Sis, I tried to write my thoughts on your other blog but words failed me. I tweeted it because it needs to be read by as many people as possible. it’s easy to forget about the less fortunate in the world when you are getting breakfast in bed, surrounded by healthy, happy children. We see so much suffering via the television that we become inured to the realities of life. It takes something like the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls to make the world look at the have nots.


    • My Dear Bro,
      How right you are. We get so caught up in how good it is for us; how safe we feel in our own world that we forget that there are others who will wake up after a chilling experience with life and have a difficult time trying to comeback. My heart goes out to those girls in Nigeria because no matter what, they will never be the same. Their world has been turned upside down.

      Thank you for putting into words what my own soul feels.



      • Sister, It’s so easy to go to bed at night after having a wonderful day. Then snuggling down under the covers and it’s even easier to forget about those who spend their nights without. I feel blessed to have these things when others don’t. I’m sure those girls will never forget what has happened to them. I hope there is more action than international posturing to reunite them with their families. You’re always welcome.
        Love from your Bro.


      • You have hit the nail on the head. I too hope that the international community do more than posture themselves, and I agree, this is one tragedy that those girls will never forget. I hope that can move on with their lives even though it will take time.
        Thank you for your heartfelt comments.



      • You’re always welcome Sis. Nothing has really changed in the world as far as war and tragedy is concerned. it’s so disheartening.


      • That is one of the reasons, I enjoy seeing your photographs. You have an eye for seeing the beauty in nature and capturing it with your camera. Your pictures are very encouraging.



      • Thanks Sis, that’s a great compliment. I’ve also learnt patience over the years, that gives me the impetus to look for the best in whatever I’m shooting.


      • Bro,
        I believe patience is one of the most important keys to success. Too often we give up instead of persevering until the end.



      • Hi SIs, that’s true. Sometimes hanging on that little bit longer get’s you through.


  9. Ann Biller

    Pat, what a wonderful article. We all need to stop and realize that Mother’s Day is not always rosy for everyone. Even in our own country of the USA there are people who have a Mother’s Heart who is crying on Mother’s Day. Life is not always perfect. It is good to stop and realize this and stop and pray for them. Thank you for helping us to stop and think about this.


    • My Dear Heart,
      Thank you. You are such a blessing to me and to many others. It alarms me to hear that in the USA, there are mothers who are crying and it makes me all the more thankful for the blessings that I am able to enjoy.



  10. Right on, Patricia, right on. May there be peace, but the way we, as a culture, celebrate Mother’s Day won’t bring it.


    • Thank you my friend. I agree with you. For many the celebration is a commercial thing and the purpose and reason that such holidays were proclaimed have been totally forgotten.


  11. I commented on your other site as I agreed with your brother that your words were profound. It is so sad that mankind has let these atrocities exist! Keep up the GREAT WORK!! Thank you!!


    • Hi My Dear Friend,
      thank you for visiting and thank you for your words of praise. I will definitely pass them on to the creative spirit that lives in me.
      I am a huge fan of Mother’s Day. It is very important. With all that is going on in our societies, I want to recognize those mothers who are are not smiling or find it hard to smile.
      We sometimes forget how blessed we are, and as you have said, seeing the atrocities being committed in our day and time is heartbreaking.



  12. Carolyn Hoyle

    P you have done it again. There are so many mothers out there that can not be happy on Mother’s day due to the loss of their child. I know they are hurting but I can’t feel their pain because I haven’t lost a child. But I do know what it was like to want to be called mom but with a barren womb never felt the blessing of carrying a child and giving birth. I must say that I do now know what it is to be called mom. God blessed me with a wonderful young girl maturing into a young woman in 2007 at the age of 17. She will be 25 in a few weeks and I am truly blessed. For all the mothers out there that have felt the pain of loss. Please thank God for the time that you had with your child. My heart goes out to you all.


    • Hi Girlfriend,
      Thank you so much for coming by and thank you for your evaluation of my article. You may not have ever borne children, but you have a mother’s heart and I believe that is what counts. I have talked to that young woman who you adopted in your heart and I believe I can say that she realizes how blessed she is to have you. You are truly a mother for her.



  13. Your words are so powerful Pat, as a mother it breaks my heart to read about these atrocities happening on a daily basis. I pray that leaders all over the world will come to their senses and do something, but at the same time I know that it will never stop. I applaud you for getting the truth out there and hope that the global community one day will be able to do something to stop the carnage. I guess that’s what my mother meant when she told us, ” enjoy your childhood don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, the real world can and will be crewel.” I hope your words resonate and the global community takes heed. I am blessed that although we were a poor family monetarily, we were fortunate enough to be raised with parents that loved us and kept us safe. And I thought they were just too strict. :o)

    Pat S.


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