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Unlike what most people think, peace doesn’t vegetate at MacDonald, Burger King, Wendy’s or Chic-fil-A. You won’t find it at a German diner, a French Cafe or at an Italian restaurant. Neither does it reside at your most favorite steakhouse, nor is its habitat found at your nearest bar.  Like a kernel as small as a mustard seed peace germinates in the hearts of men and women

As the year closes, I look back at 364 days that have been a challenge for all humanity living on planet earth.  Many people died.  Death became an acceptable disease in our societies.  We have become desensitized to the suffering going on in the world. We see children being bombed, maimed, dying of starvation, or some type of curable disease, and we’re thankful that it doesn’t happen in the western world.  We hear the cry for peace, the scream for reconciliation as the roar of machine guns, and the use of chemical weapons become more and more the mode of acceptance, and the guilty receives a slap on the hands for committing a naughty act, and we sit back and flip through the television channels.  Gone are the days when people would march on the streets protesting the violence that we see penetrating itself and spreading out on every continent. Our silence stamps our approval upon the acts being committed, and nothing changes.

We are becoming a hedonistic society that balances our inner mental health on whether or not we have the perfect body, the newest fashion, the largest house, the fanciest car, or the most money, and those things control our hearts. We show those countries living in poverty the values that are important to us, and these people yearn to have the same things. People born in poverty call it the good life.  We magnify this view through television, movies and the Internet, and they learn that a new Cadillac supersedes a sick child, a new Lexus wipes away the guilt of a nuclear catastrophe, the shine on a new Ferrari outweighs the use of chemical weapons against helpless people and a brand spanking new Mercedes take precedent over laws that forbid selling uranium to nations that repressed and terrorize their citizens.

Have we not learned our lessons from the horrors that took place from 1933 to 1945?

Let us not kid ourselves.  Those same weapons, bombs, guns or whatever that we are producing or sanctioning by not lifting our voices against the policies that are being construed by our governments for the sake of diplomacy, regardless of which country we come from or live in, are the stamp of approval for the destruction of mankind.  We are accessories to the fact and are destroying the souls and bodies of our children.

I am not a pacifist. Believe me, I am not so naive as to think or believe that all mankind can be lovey dovey on this earth. That would be an impossible wish from me that borders on foolishness and stupidity.  However, it is never too late to communicate and relate honestly with integrity towards one another.  People who come together under such an alliance can shake the cruelest of nations.

Thus, as I stand at the doorway of time watching as the year 2014 creep patiently towards us, my New Year’s Resolution resonates in six words, Let there be peace on earth.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Pat Garcia


  1. Unfortunately, the violence you decry has been an issue for nearly as long as man has existed. Our weapons become more sophisticated and the potential dangers grow. However, I think if you checked the numbers, the actual amount of people who died because of war was very low. I am not saying this is acceptable or that it is not a terrible shame. It surely is. However, in some ways, the world was a less violent place.


    • My Dear Friend,
      Thank you for your thoughts.

      I hear what you’re saying, but tend to disagree. When I see the many crises throughout the world where children are being maimed, bombed, and killed with chemical weapons, I see an increase. I guess the problem is that I don’t trust statistics. They can be turn either way. Having had to take one or two statistic courses at the university, I quickly learned that statistic formulas depended on which issue you wanted to influence.

      I can only hope that you are correct in your assessment. If you are, then I will be one happy person.



  2. Dear Pat, Such a timely post. All of the things that we need to hear about and the things we need to do to be a positive influence in this crazy mixed up world. I AM a pacifist… and a hopeful one. Like you, I believe that peace begins inside of each one of us and can spread around the globe if we only love, respect and help one another. Kudos on a post that is spot on! Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy in the New Year and beyond! Blessings, Bette


    • My Dear Bette,

      It was so nice reading your thoughts. Peace comes from within. The problem comes when we refuse to communicate properly with one another. We react to what we think people said, instead of really listening to what they are saying. I hope we will find a way to really listen before we speak because that will help us to generate peace from within.



  3. Reblogged this on 4writersandreaders and commented:
    May peace germinate withiin each heart and spread around the globe! ~ Bette A. Stevens


    • My Dear Bette,
      Thank you so very much for the reflagged. It did my heart good to see this and it brought a smile to my heart.



  4. Raani York

    What a wonderful and honest post, Patti!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this great wish for 2014!
    Happy New Year my dear friend! May it be successful and amazing and wonderful for you!!
    Sending you hugs!


    • Girlfriend, you are dear to me.
      Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your support that you gave me in 2013. I wish that you have a great 2014. That you continue to march forward with your book and be successful in all you do.



  5. Great post! I stand with you in your resquest to let there be peace on earth. Happy New Year. Blessings, Natalie :)


    • Hello Natalie,

      Thank you for comment. It is so nice to know that there are others who desire peace on earth to. May you have a prosperous 2014.


  6. Ah-h-h, Pat. Only to have peace on this earth. What a wonderful world that would be. Indeed. Blessing to you in the New Year! :-)


    • My Dear Sharla,

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Blessings to you too. May you have a prosperous 2014.



  7. All I can say Sis, is *RIGHT ON.*


    • My Dear Bro,

      Thank you. Your opinion means so much to me.
      Happy New Year.


      • There wasn’t anything else I could say, you said it all in your piece, Sis.


      • My Dear Bro,

        Thank you. Your having accompanied me through 2013 means a lot to me.
        May you gave a prosperous and successful 2014.



      • Thanks Sis. I will get to your other works next week, we’re interstate at the moment. Talk soon.


      • Just be safe Bro. Watch where you’re driving. Have heard that you all are having tremendous heat in Australia. So drive carefully.



      • Thanks Sis, I try to keep safe. :-) Yes it’s been hot, 48 deg Celsius at home while we were away. Arrived home this afternoon and getting through the stuff here.


      • Bro,
        I hope you and Lorelle made it home safe. Rod and others on the blog thread by P&PW were concerned that you might have been sick. I told them that you were travelling because I had just heard from you that day.



      • Hi Sis, we’re fine. I haven’t eased myself right back into things yet. I had a heap of portrait shots to convert into jpegs and post away. Then there’s been the myriad things to contend with at home, plus a grandchild staying over. Phew.


  8. Amen, and may it come to pass. The world needs all the peacemakers it can get.
    I’ve missed your Walk On stories. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.


    • From my heart, I wish you a successful and prosperous 2014. I still have your book in my iPad to read, and I will read it one of These days.
      Take care.


  9. deirdret

    Dear Pat, sometimes I think the only way to really see peace is to see the Lord. If only we could have that manifestation that would completely change our hearts and minds, what a world this would be! Then again, there will always be those who shun the thought of forgiveness and peace and love. I guess that time of seeing Him in His glory will be here soon enough. I still strive for peace in my own heart and spirit at times, but I pray that someday I will run to that sanctuary deep within me at the first hint of unrest. I pray that God blesses you with wisdom and insight this year, and me too. I pray that your days are filled with light, and that the darkness of the world runs from it. Love you! Happy New Year!


    • My Dear Deirdre,

      Wherever God dwells is the sanctuary of peace,and we have distanced ourselves so far away from this sanctuary by wanting to do things our way. Let us hope that there will be a turn in the road that will encourage people to seek the truth.

      Thank you for accompanying me on my journey, my dear friend.



    • True peace reside in the sanctuary of God’s holiness. I believe we all look for peace but the Problem is that we want peace our way. Unfortunately that is not peace. My hope is based on godly desire to see Change among human beings, the way we relate to one another and our Treatment of the most precious gift that we have been given, the breath of life. Let us hope that this year moves us positively towards respecting the gift of life.

      Thank you my dear friend. It is so nice having you in my Corner.
      I thank you also for your email and will get back to you as soon as MacBook is repaired. The Keyboard stopped working today.



  10. Peace – may we always have peace in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. May peace be yours to know, love and cherish. May it be ours to know love and cherish. May it extend to all beings on this earth, and to the earth. It starts as you say, like a mustard seed that moves mountains – change – that’s what the mustard seed does.
    Thank you Patricia, as always an excellent post.


    • My Dear Friend,

      Thank you for this encouraging proclamation over peace. It is really a blessing and you have said it so eloquently. I can add, let peace reign.



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